Brothers in Blood: American Red Cross & Outlook Media

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Current FDA policy forbids men from donating blood if they have engaged in sexual activity with another man since 1977. It's time to end this practice. The American Red Cross and other blood banks agree this policy is no longer medically or scientifically warranted and wants it to change. As do we at Outlook Media! SIGN THE PETITION AND TELL THE FDA TO LIFT THE BAN!! Instead of boycotting blood drives, Outlook teamed up with the Red Cross to do a positive protest against the FDA's ban on gay men and MSMs from giving blood. Instead of boycotting giving blood, we are recruiting our allies to donate on our behalf. For each pint of blood collected we show the FDA it would have been 2 if we were allowed to give. We also sign a pledge to dontate once the ban is lifted: Blood is in high demand. Please give if you can. Those eligible can schedule an appointment today at 1-800-RED-CROSS or REDCROSSBLOOD.ORG and have it marked for Bothers in Blood. Those that aren't eligible sign the petition to lift the ban and sign our pledge to give once the ban is lifted.

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