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    The Coulson Group To Protect BC

    We band together when Christy Clark made these same mistakes, we stood together then, its time to stand together now. We keep voting in these people and allow them too take over our province. Choices like who fights our fires and saves our homes, life's and communities should be just as much our choice as it is theirs. Something they don't seem to recognize. Who votes them in ? who gives them their power ? we do. Just as easily we can take it away.   The Coulson Group Company has a big fleet of fire fighting aircraft, they are on the leading edge of fire fighting technology . People say they aren't approved to fly for Canada, but why would they spend money when the b.c government doesn't want them.  The Mars was certified by Transport Canada Each And Every Years Of Use !  The agency counted 170 new fires Wednesday on top of 130 tallied a day earlier. Environment and Climate Change Canada said on Twitter that more than 30,000 lightning strikes were recorded Wednesday. August 06th there have been 1,502 fires that have happened this year alone and 101,326 hectares burned which is 250,381.999 Acres.  When is enough ?  20 New fires today August 07th , how much are they going to burn ?   302 wildfires larger than 0.01 hectares and all wildfires of note in British Columbia as of midnight (00:00 PST) August 05,2018 After last year’s record-setting wildfire season in BC, a Vancouver-Island-based company says the province is missing out on an opportunity to make a bigger impact this time around. Fighting fires from the air at night really makes an impact, according to Coulson Group president Wayne Coulson. “One of the things we see, at night of course, when you take the heat out of a fire, the sun goes down and the relative humidity climbs,” Coulson said. “That seems to be when the fire is the weakest. So there’s periods of time, and of course it depends on the weather, when that fire lays down and you’re able to go attack it.” The Fireliner will have a flow rate of 2,200 gallons per second. “Our competitive advantage with both the C-130s and the Boeing 737 is the flow is so heavy that we can do direct attacks on top of the fire,” he said. The company plans to bid on contracts in the United States, Australia, South America and Europe. Coulson Aviation is also building a fourth C-130 in Arizona. Coulson said he hopes that the newly elected government in British Columbia might mean more opportunity to bid on local contracts. Most recent B.C. contracts under the Liberals have gone to the same company, Abbotsford-based Conair Aerial Firefighting. “It’s our hope that with the new government and balance of power that we do get opportunities for our aircraft in the province of B.C.,” Coulson said. Coulson Group of Companies also operates the Mars bombers — the largest water bombers in the world. The Martin Mars was retired from firefighting service in 2013, but was brought back in 2015 for the forest-fire season on a $600,000 contract. Coulson planned to sell the retired air tanker, since neither the B.C. nor Alberta governments had requested its support, but is still looking for buyers. Its Hawaii Mars, which was damaged during the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow In 2016, Was Back In The Air 2017.      

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    Changing the Policy of Lice In School District Sd71   The new policy allows children with live lice and knits in class whether treated or not. Our children are coming home with lice more often then not and having to spend more and more money to keep on top of it plus the hours it takes to get on top of the house. All to not have any affect because kids are still coming to school not being treated.  This policy needs adjusting , kids should not be sent to school and able to re infest other kids.  Scalp irritation, including itching, swelling, or redness may occur with head lice and temporarily worsen after treatment with permethrin. Mild burning, stinging, tingling, or numbness may also occur.   There is a certain stigma associated with head lice. This is because people feel it is an undesirable health condition (which it is) As soon as they hear somebody has head lice, they find it hard not to cringe away. This is because of the bad reputation that lice have among humans. For the person who has life infestation, it might mean a massive dent to the social identity. He/she might be excluded from the group and might have to face social isolation. It is hard for the group to accept somebody with head lice. Social isolation can hamper a person’s psychological well being. Feelings of loneliness and depression can quickly creep in if social support is not provided immediately. A head louse is associated with contamination – something that makes you cringe every time you watch it. This is what makes people feel disgusted when they hear that somebody has been infested. At school, this can lead to bullying and teasing which can shatter a kid’s confidence.  

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