Bikers United Against Child Abuse

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Bikers United Against Child Abuse. Exists to create a safer Environment for abused children in our community, We exist as a group of Dedicated Bikers and Supporters to assist children and Families who have been affected with child abuse. We are ready to help support children and families by involving them with an established, United group of Bikers and their families who care About children and child abuse in our community.. We intend to let everyone know involved with the abused child and their family that this child is part of our organisation, and that we are ready to show our support to them by affiliation, and our Physical presence, we are more than ready to shield these children from further abuse. BUACA has a mission to raise the Awareness of Child Abuse amongst our communities Australia wide. No Child Should Live In fear..... BIKERS UNITED AGAINST CHILD ABUSE Inc. Is a non profit Biker Orginisation

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