Bigger Is Better, Flickr Photos Get Larger With New “Liquid” Photo Page

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Bigger Is Better, Flickr Photos Get Larger With New “Liquid” Photo Page ·

The larger images in Flickr's revamped photo pages put the emphasis ... The result is a much more photo-centric site that does a nice job of ... Web developers, take note: Flickr's new layout isn't just eye-catching, ... a mostly responsive design with a liquid layout and media queries, but ... Get Our Newsletter .... Flickr's new site design brings the new, larger images out of the lightbox ... Flickr bigger images ... from the photo's main page, if you're using a high enough resolution, with your ... The new "liquid" design ethos also means that there's no upscaling of images, so your photos should look their best whatever .... In addition, we enabled the two new photo sizes on the "All Sizes" page and made them ... For a first impression of a photo, bigger is not always better! ... Second: the images on the contact page are getting very small again.. Hi-res images on the photo page let you share all the detail side by ... tags and more are all there to tell the full story around your photos. ... And it's not only that you see larger images – we're releasing this with a new “liquid” layout. ... in the help forum if you find any bugs or have feedback to share with us.. Digital photography uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photodetectors to capture ... It used a CCD image sensor, stored pictures digitally, and connected directly to ... As the field became more popular, types of digital photography and ... the advantages of digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, which have larger .... Really love the new size of pictures, looks wonderful on landscape and ... I get the motivation behind "bigger is better", but the consensus .... The new photopage design uses in-browser scaling, which the old one ... Which is exactly why I think they are making a big mistake by letting ANY type ... I have been replacing a few photos to make them more consistent, and .... The browser could have done a better job with the resizing if it had the ... Or maybe if you don't need the big original online (anything bigger than ... Flickr's new "liquid layout" photo page dynamically resizes images to fit the .... “Our new photo page raises the bar in the industry and features photos that are up to six times bigger than before,” says founder and COO .... "I was sitting in the living room last night processing pics from the weekend ... ran up to Kerry Park to get this picture," Morrow wrote on his flickr page. ... A full moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal on either ... Flattened moonbeams appear to look like liquid in this image of the ... See more related .... Photos uploaded before March 1 won't get the new sizes. ... (flickr doesn' need to act as extra HardDisk for tremendous big original sizes, unless ... The larger the size, the easier it is for someone to use it and the more things .... Photo-sharing website Flickr has added a “Pinterest” button in the share menu to ... that you can share via Flickr, including photo pages, favorites, and groups. Flickr has also updated their website to show bigger photos using a “liquid” layout ... look great on a laptop screen, and look even more stunning on larger screens.”. Get the best sources for high-quality, free stock photos and royalty-free photos. Find out how to make money with stock photography too. ... a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. ... and when paired with text, their recall of the information is greater. ... Not all Flickr images are free.. In addition, we enabled the two new photo sizes on the "All Sizes" page ... I have my max size set to "Best display size (recommended)". ... Should I be seeing larger images on the photopage, or does the layout max out at 1024px? ... At the moment anyone can select my photo (any size big or small) and .... Mayer's new Flickr account sends a powerful and positive message both to ... It looks so great when photos auto expand to bigger versions on bigger displays. ... Like Google+, on your photos page, as well as on the photo page of your ... In general our photos are getting larger, better looking and easier to engage with.. The photo sharing site launched what it calls its "liquid layout," stating that "Large ... Flickr's new look more prominently displays users' images on the page, which is a ... it occupies is a growing challenge for Yahoo, which bought Flickr in 2005. ... or Facebook to be the next big thing, as I do believe Yahoo mismanagement is .... Flickr has revised its image viewing pages for the first time in several years - finally ... 1st 2012, for which 1600 and 2048 pixel versions will have been generated. ... the article's concerns, it does at least make pictures look good on Flickr - for so ... Flickr's redesign uses larger versions of images for browsing.

In addition, we enabled the two new photo sizes on the "All Sizes" page and made them available ... Can we have an option not to have bigger photos available to everyone? ... giving you more time to rectify the liquid version. It's only the new uploader thread that is getting all hits from staff that I can see. ... So much for new larger sizes on the photo page. ... A more liquid sidebar. I wouldn't advocate for ... It is not "some users" on "some browsers" I suspect, it is the same users with bigger pictures on all browsers from time to time.. Bigger images are more compelling, and today Yahoo's ... part of the photo-sharing site today by showing photos larger -- potentially a lot larger. ... The new "liquid layout" look of Flickr's main photo pages. Flickr ... Next up for the liquid layout is better speed -- an area I find Flickr lags Facebook and Google.


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