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    Petitioning Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, Govenor Mike DeWine

    ATTENTION Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. NEW Investigation Team for UNSOLVED Murders!

    On January 30th 2011 on what seemed to be a normal night out with friends at the Bottom Line Bar in Toledo, OH unbeknownst to Samuel Todd Williams, across town a horrific crime was going to be committed that would see HIM sentenced to Two Life Sentences without the possibility of parole!  Longacre Lane, Holland OH a reasonably quiet and affluent area of Toledo one would find the home of The Straub Family. The parents had gone on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary and left their daughter Lisa (20) and her boyfriend Johnny Clarke (21) at home whilst on vacation. Between the hours of 10:41 pm on January 30th and 2:27 am on January 31st, the home was invaded by unknown assailants who took both Lisa and Johnny bound them to chairs with duct tape and secured plastic bags over their heads which caused their death by asphyxiation. Throughout the evening, Johnny’s mother Maytee Vasquez-Clarke was unable to get hold of Johnny which was completely unusual to the norm, her motherly instincts knew something was wrong. Outside the Straub’s home both Johnny’s parents had met with police officers who unfortunately were unable to force entry but as soon as the officers left Johnny’s father John P. Clarke kicked in the door and found them. Their lives came crashing around them in an instant with the loss of their son and his girlfriend. The Sheriff's Department was called and they took the steps to control the crime scene. The Sheriff's Department also called The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation to help process the scene. The residence was processed by Special Agent Ed Biederstedt from B.C.I along with other Agents from BCI, Detective Phil Williams, Detective Jeffrey Kozak and others was on scene processing as well as asking questions. S/A Biederstedt begun to process the outside and then worked his way inside. From the looks of it at first sight it shows what seems to be a thorough investigation. Then once you read the report from S/A Biederstedt and see how they missed so much evidence (you can't help but wonder, if they couldn't have found the evidence to find these killers and convict them by now.) So there was access to the residence from the garage where they believe that "me and whoever else was with me" came in through the garage. However, they DID NOT process the (Garage) to see if there was evidence in there. Now the question should be why? What is the reason and who made that mistake? Another place(The Sunroom) that could have been accessed from outside or inside the residence and was 10-20 feet away from where the bodies were found. You would think they have searched there right? Your wrong! In fact, the Straub's found evidence in that Sunroom on March 27, 2011, and thought it was so important they called Detective Phil Williams to come and collect the evidence. What was found? A garbage bag full of evidence that had unknown male DNA on it along with Lisa Straub's and Sherrita Crumby's. You would think that they would want to know who this unknown male DNA is right? Your wrong again they played it off like them cigarettes were smoked there from the summertime. Sherrita Crumby was questioned by Detectives, not on video and she was the one person who called Johnny's mother and said "she has a bad feeling something was wrong." At that time Tiffany Williams only called her to get Ruben Ruiz phone number. Sherrita didn't want to give her the number and told her to stand by I'll call you back. Tiffany told Sherrita that only Lisa and Johnny was supposed to pick them up, however, they weren't answering. Sherrita testified at my trial and stated she didn't even try to call Ruben. Instead, Sherrita called Johnny's mother to inform her of her bad feeling. Again the investigators failed and question her at the Department on video. Why? She called Johnny's mother on the night of the homicides and her DNA was found on a cigarette butt with an unknown male DNA on the same one. This goes to show how poor the investigation was.  ONE cigarette butt which had the DNA of Cameo Pettaway and Samuel Williams was found and used as the primary evidence to indict them on Capital Murder charges facing the Death Penalty! Cameo was acquitted at trial by Judge James Bates due to the lack of evidence. Samuel was not so lucky. He was tried separately with a different judge and different jury! The only difference in evidence was a jailhouse informant Eric Yingling testimony, who was more than questionable and somewhat known to be unreliable, who was actually paid for his testimony!!! And calls from jail between Samuel and another were manipulated in order to fit the prosecutions agenda. The prosecution was simply “clutching at straws” and were not focused on finding the RIGHT person just simply someone they could pin these dreadful murders on. The jury found Samuel guilty of complicity and it was categorically stated that he was not the main perpetrator. The jury could not reach a unanimous verdict on sentencing, so Samuel narrowly escaped the Death Penalty and Judge Dean Mandros sentenced him to Two Life Without the possibility of parole to run consequently to one another! 10 years later NO other convictions have been made and an innocent man remains in prison! The case is unsolved and the murderers are still walking the streets! The Lucas County Sheriff Mike Navarre has only just recently declared publicly but he will reopen the case and seek answers. However, he has placed the initial investigator Jeff Kozak back on the case who has been called lazy in his investigations he does not return phone calls that pertain to the case and many faults can be seen in the investigation! World-renowned Genetic Genealogist CeCe Moore has publicly offered her help in identifying the unknown suspects through her highly successful system, however, the department still has not responded to her! Makes one have questions on what the county has to hide! And this is just the beginning! This is why we are here! We are calling for Ohio attorney general Dave Yost and his team to take over the entire investigation and do what was needed to be done 10 years ago to bring justice to the victims and their families which would subsequently lead to the freedom of Samuel Williams. To follow this case please visit: or by clicking any of the Social Media Accounts below: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TIKTOK  INSTAGRAM

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    Petitioning jpay, securus, Every State Governor that has Jpay in their facilities

    Jpay Stamp Scam - Fair Prices for All.

    When a loved one is incarcerated it can take an emotional and physical toll on both the inmate and family members. So having communication with the outside world is imperative for all those involved and not being able to can have a severe effect on mental health.  Jpay Ltd (A Securus Company) apparently prides itself on offering affordable services for those incarcerated to keep in contact with people who are in the "free" world. However, there are many issues that have been raised with regard to the effectiveness of their services and the "affordability" of different services available from state to state. We are here about one particular service which we feel is a travesty and unfair for so many people who do have loved ones incarcerated.  Jpay is NO LONGER allowing you to buy stamps from one particular state and use them on anyone on your list. So, if you have penpals and loved ones in various states you now have to purchase stamps from EACH state and considering in Washington you can get 60 stamps for $10 but in Texas its $11 for just 25.This is unacceptable not only because those who write numerous people now have to buy multiple amounts of stamps. BUT the insanely unfair charges from state to state. We are petitioning that JPAY rectifies 2 things.1) Allows people to buy stamps from ONE state and then use said stamps for ANYONE on their Inmate Contact List.  2) Prices for stamps should be fair and just throughout all states where Jpay service. We ask that prices are aligned with the current WASHINGTON state prices. Which are as follows:$5.00  (Gets you 20 letters)$7.50  (Gets you 35 letters)$10.00  (Gets you 60 letters)We the undersigned urge that these matters are rectified and the people involved do this as a matter of urgency as they knock-on effect can have negative consequences for those incarcerated AND those who support them.  **Each state Governor has a part in this too as the state signs individual contracts deciding on the rates and profits**Hebrews 13:3 "Remember those in prison, as though you are in prison yourself"- Beyond The Bars (Being a Voice for The Voiceless)

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    Petitioning Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, Gov Greg Abbott, United States Supreme Court

    Stop the Execution of John Henry Ramirez

    *EXECUTION ALERT* John Henry Ramirez is a former US Marine who was trained to kill by the US Military. John was given no support for PTSD, OCD, and Personality disorder when discharged. Subsequently, he fell on hard times and got caught up in addiction. On the night the offense was committed he was intoxicated on both drink and drugs with two friends. A fight ensued between John and Pablo a convenience store clerk from Mexico. Although he takes responsibility for his actions, for him to be charged with capital murder in the state of Texas he would have had to be committing a robbery at the same time. The state used the fact that there was $1.25 by Pablo in order to convict him with Capital Murder and sentence him to Death. Even though there are many other mitigating circumstances that should show that John has in fact been overly prosecuted. The events of that night were accidental and never would he have intentionally caused harm to anyone. We are not here to tell you that John is innocent. However, we are here to call for REAL justice by looking at the mitigating circumstances. We must also point out that John and his co-defendant were both charged with the same crime –capital murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated robbery, and evading arrest. Through a plea bargain, his female co-defendant's attorney was able to plea down a lesser charge. Yet when John was caught and tried four years later, he was convicted of capital murder, aggravated robbery two times, and evading arrest. His sentence was to die while she was given 25 to life. The problem with the sentence of one to life and one to death for the exact same crime is that with the collateral estoppels law and the law of parties in the state of Texas states that when the second person goes to court and comes to their sentencing, the attorney for the defendant has the responsibility to notify the prosecutor of the sentence of the co-defendant previously rendered.  That did not happen in this case.  Because the co-defendant was given life in prison, the law states that John could not get a sentence more severe than his co-defendant. The State of Texas is scheduled to Murder our dear John on Sept 9, 2020. And you can make it fact that it will not be without a fight because John is not only reformed and rehabilitated despite being confined in a 6X8 cell. He is a wonderful man of God, a Husband, Father, Son, and Friend to many. He is a talented man, a man with a precious and loving heart. We, the undersigned, believe that John Henry Ramirez's death warrant should be rescinded, that he be granted clemency or be given a chance at a new sentence where the mitigating factors are openly looked at with unbiased eyes, and that the execution of John not go forward under any circumstances.  Please visit #OverlyProsecuted #SayNOToTheDeathPenalty #SaveJohnRamirez #EnoTsol #EndCapitalPunishment Beyond The Bars - Being a Voice for the Voiceless

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    Petitioning Greg Abbott, Texas Board of Parole and Pardons, United States Supreme Court

    Save Billy Wardlow!

    Billy Wardlow, at this moment, has sat for up to 23 hours a day alone in a 6 x 8-foot cell with virtually no human contact or exposure to natural light and has been for 25 years. He is condemned to death on Texas Death Row awaiting his execution date which is scheduled for July 8th 2020.  Billy has done the right thing and admitted his wrongdoing the night the crime was committed but should he be put to death? Absolutely NOT! Were you the same person you are today, a quarter of a century ago? Have you matured, grown and changed for the better? Billy has! There are so many mitigating factors as to why Billy should not only be out already but never be put to death in the name of justice! He was overly prosecuted and the wrongs that the state has made against him need to come to light so his sentence can be finally commuted and real justice served. Under Texas law, if there is enough mitigating evidence at any time to warrant a life sentence without parole, that’s the sentence is supposed to be given. This has not happened in Billy's case. At the trial, a chance of a life sentence was stolen from him due to many mistaken assumptions as well as false testimony. We are here to ask that you become a voice for Billy. Help save his life! Please sign this petition to ask Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Board of Parole and Pardons as well as the Supreme Court of The United States, to carefully consider looking at Billy's case and resentencing him fairly. Do what is right by showing mercy by giving him his chance at LIFE. To learn more about Billy's case please take a look at this wonderful article by The American Scholar. We, the undersigned, believe that Billy Wardlow's death warrant should be rescinded, that he be granted a new sentencing trial where the mitigating factors are openly looked at with unbiased eyes, and that the execution of Billy Wardlow not go forward under any circumstances.

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