Benson, Arizona Standing Together For Change

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After hearing about a questionable broadcast made by our local radio station, members of the community banded together to shut down this radio station. Comments were made regarding hiding issues with child pornography and how to keep law enforcement from discovering your usage. Outraged and disgusted, this petition was put together as well as a facebook page to shut this radio station down once and for all. Regardless of how you have felt about this radio station in the past, this has crossed a huge line! The broadcast included information about an issue that plagues this country, child pornography, There is no excuse for this and they need to be shut down. We as a community may not be able to fix the world, but we can keep this garbage out of our community. We are mothers, fathers, children.. We are families that do not have to put up with this garbage. Let's stand together and make sure this never happens again!!

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