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Petitioning Mike Bonin, Juliet Oh


The Abbot Kinney Hotel project that we fought so hard to stop, back in 2014, has resurfaced as VENICE PLACE, and will now be heard by L.A. City Planning on Thurs. September 22 @ 9:30 am at WLA Municipal Building, 2nd Floor Hearing Room, 1645 Corinth Avenue, West Los Angeles. Watch video of the VNC meeting Feb. 18, 2014 when this project was first heard by the community - including a presentation by hotel developer, Dan Abrams... ...And, as it happens, Westminster Elementary School is located at 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, DIRECTLY ACROSS the street from the location of this proposed 80-room hotel with 200+ restaurant seats, 2,534 sq ft of ground floor retail space, a 1,735 sq ft spa, 3,371 sq ft of office space!  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.... We MUST STOP this development!.  Here's why: - Abbot Kinney Blvd. is a main thoroughfare with a traffic flow of up to 10,000 vehicles a day.  Traffic is especially heavy from 7:30 am - 8 am and 2:30 pm - 6 pm, just when children are arriving and departing to and from the school campus.  The project is estimated to generate at least 688 more car trips per day on this already gridlocked street! -  The specific traffic impact of the project, per the Mitigated Negative Declaration is increased by 545%, creating dangerous conditions for children and their parents walking to and from school, crossing Abbot Kinney Blvd., Electric Ave., Brooks Ave.  This HUGE increase in traffic will endanger children, pedestrians and bike riders, alike. - There's just NOT enough parking!  At capacity (and esp. during special events), 167 parking spaces is NOT enough for this 80-room hotel, 200+ restaurant seats, 2,534 sq ft of ground floor retail space, a 1,735 sq ft spa, 3,371 sq ft of office space, and all the development's employees! - The developer seeks to tie EIGHT (8) LOTS together, setting a DANGEROUS precedent for future development, since in the Venice Specific Plan, the current number of lots allowed to be consolidated are THREE (3)!  The developer apparently hopes to get around this by separating the buildings along existing lot lines (but connected by catwalks which are only accessible through the buildings). - The developer is seeking approval for a full line of ALCOHOL for ON-SITE & OFF-SITE consumption operating 7:00 am to 1:00 am, provided in the hotel rooms' liquor cabinets, by room service, and through the hotel lobby, outdoor courtyard, hotel lounges, and hotel business center! - The hotel will, thus, be serving ALCOHOL -- directly OPPOSITE Westminster elementary SCHOOL from 7 am - 1:00 am daily, and could well become a haven for predators, to observe and stake out our school CHILDREN!!! - The development will SIGNIFICANTLY increase traffic. The one traffic study seen states the project will generate 688 NEW CAR TRIPS a day. Much of this traffic will end up on Abbot Kinney Blvd., but ALL of it will originate at Electric Ave, where the parking garage entrance is located, causing GRIDLOCK at peak times on Electric Ave. and on surface streets in Oakwood. And unlike other recent retail/residential projects on Abbot Kinney, the hotel will be OPEN 24 hours a day, bringing with it TRAFFIC very late at night and early in the morning. - By adding 4 "apartments", it appears the developer is trying to create the illusion of a mixed-use residential/commercial development, rather than strictly commercial. - The project has INADEQUATE off-street loading - a MERE 600 sq. ft. off-street commercial loading area off Broadway! It’s way too small for such a HUGE COMMERCIAL OPERATION. Additionally, there will be only TWO (2) on-street loading areas, also on Broadway.  Even now, with only a couple of restaurants currently operating on site, loading and garbage collection often partially or completely BLOCKS Broadway Ave. Let’s make sure our voices are heard and our presence is felt. COME TO THE ZA PLANNING HEARING THURS SEPT. 22, 9:30 a.m. West Los Angeles Municipal Building -- 2ND Floor Hearing Room. 1645 Corinth Avenue, WLA  If you CAN or CANNOT attend PLS SIGN THIS PETITION TO SEND AN EMAIL to City Planner, Juliet Oh, and Councilman Mike Bonin telling them "NO WAY!"

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Petitioning Mike Bonin


The proposal of a Business Improvement District (BID): City File #16-0749(CD11) in Venice was initiated by ex-president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce (VCC), Carl Lambert, in 2013 when he first brought his proposal to the Ocean Front Walk committee, a committee stacked with his business cronies. Go here to watch video Since then, the BID proposal has been working it's way through City Hall and is now surfacing as another giant step in the gentrification of Venice. Many residents, property owners, business owners and stakeholders, are concerned about the impact of the proposed BID and how it will be enforced in Venice.  Here are just some of the reasons why this is not a good idea for Venice, with it's Bohemian past and history of free-spirited, uninhibited ambiance: 1. The process for establishing the BID has not been public or transparent. 2. BIDs in the City of Los Angeles, and particularly their private security forces, have a history of hostility toward homeless and low-income residents resulting in several lawsuits since their inception in the late 1990s regarding unconstitutional practices. 3. BIDs are a form of privatization that harms those that don’t own property and limits democratic control over resources. 4. BIDs are not feasible for all businesses or property owners to pay, particularly non-profits and small business owners. 5. The founding premise for the BID is faulty. It is claimed that a BID is needed because the City of Los Angeles is not providing the proper public services. While it is true that the city is not providing services, the solution is not privatization. We oppose privatization of our public spaces and services. 6.  In 1904, Abbot Kinney deeded Ocean Front Walk to be a public park in perpetuity, which also included sharp restrictions on commerce; therefore the city has no authority to approve a Business Improvement District on this section of Venice. We DON'T WANT A BID IN VENICE - it will destroy the last vestiges of freedom that remain in our community!!!

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Petitioning Charlie Beck


October 23, 2015 -- LAPD/C.L.E.A.R officers are targeting African American and Latino MALES that are either walking, driving, skateboarding or sitting at Oakwood Park. The men who have been stopped for the last few nights have reported that "LAPD / C.L.E.A.R officers are stopping Latino and African American Males on bicycles, driving, skateboarding or sitting in Oakwood Park, and informing them that they are taking them to jail just because, "All of you think who think the gang injunction is gone, well we're here to tell you it's in full force, and we are here to let you know it." The officers are stopping men of color when they are by themselves handcuffing them, lifting up their clothing and checking them for whatever it is they choose when they are by themselves...? If the gang injunction is being enforced by these officers: why are the men being stopped when they are alone on their choice of transportation (bike or skateboard, driving)? Why are the men being handcuffed immediately and treated as if they are committing a crime? Many of the men are not being asked by the officers if they are on probation or parole, (the ONLY reason that the officers would have to instantly handcuff them). The men are handcuffed immediately, and then they are asked if they are on probation or parole. We are educating our young men and women to cooperate and follow the rules that are being given to them by C.L.E.A.R and LAPD. We are determined in Venice to not live through another 'unwarranted killing' by your officers, with their unlawful stops of men and women of color, who are being treated like criminals when they are not on probation or parole, just being targeted because of the color of their skin. We are keeping our officials informed concerning the actions of C.L.E.A.R. and LAPD, so let there be no misunderstanding that LAPD officers are harassing civilians as they walk, skateboard, sit in Oakwood or ride through our Community, and yes Venice is still our neighborhood that we love! We are demanding that LAPD officers respect the public and, as they patrol our streets, do not assassinate peoples' character by arresting them, without just cause, as they move and flow through the streets of Venice. We are standing up and letting our voices of concern and love for all in Venice be heard...LAPD/C.L.E.A.R does not have the right to stop people just for the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN!!!

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Petitioning CA State Attorney


The next biggest secret is out - Venice Beach CA has in EXCESS of 120  alcohol licenses in a 3.1 square mile area, which translates to 40 per square mile, whereas in Los Angeles the average is 4 per square mile! This is outrageous, and an abuse of our neighborhood...and still they just keep coming...! 

 Many of you already know about the 320 Sunset project which is applying for a full-line ON-SITE alcohol and OFF-SITE beer and wine license, right next to a residential area with families and children. The same is also happening at 259 Hampton Drive, 15 feet from residents. Another at 600 Mildred Ave (ex Kim's Market) is trying to force a sit down restaurant with alcohol, a mere 3 FEET from a family home, and in a very dense residential area. There are further examples of this up and down Abbot Kinney Blvd., Rose Ave, Washington Blvd. and soon, if things keep escalating as they have, we will see a bar on EVERY corner. Is this the kind of Venice we want to live in? Where peace and quiet enjoyment in our homes is sacrificed, and our neighbors are not neighborly but noisy, inebriated, party-goers until 1 or 2 AM?  Not to mention the problems which present along with these licenses. No parking (or very little) is being provided by the operators, forcing their patrons to crawl our residential streets in search of parking, then noisily return to their cars and drive through our family neighborhoods inebriated. Venice may be considered a tourist destination by the City of LA, but it is also our home, and needs to be protected as such! Where will it end? In tract #2733, where the ABC license application is in process for Gjusta, 320 Sunset Ave, there are 3,695 residents and 16 alcohol licenses, maybe more. That means 1 license per 230 people. The ABC regulation is one per either 2000 or 2500, depending if it's an on/off-site sale license. BUT there are way too many ABC licenses already here!

 Please help us bring a MORATORIUM on alcohol licenses in Venice to safeguard the future of our community, our families and our children! SIGN OUR PETITION TO SEND EMAILS TO DECISION MAKERS. THANK YOU!

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Petitioning Mike Bonin

Support Free Safe Storage for Homeless People's Belongings in Venice, CA

September 14, 2016 CD 11 Council Member, Mike Bonin, will have a community meeting THURS. 9/15/16 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice. The topic is: moving Free Safe Storage for homeless people in Venice to the former senior center at Westminster and Pacific Ave., Venice. As many SUPPORTERS of this project, as possible, are needed to attend as a counterpoint to the NIMBYs and the haters who were VERY vocal and hostile at the Venice town hall meeting 9/8/16, on this topic. PLS. FORWARD WIDELY TO FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS WHO SUPPORT THIS SOLUTION. THANK YOU! March 14, 2015 - Posted on FB by Occupy Venice: Longtime Venice Beach activist and un-housed resident Dave Busch was arrested last Friday morning (March 13) in an act of civil disobedience to fight the increased criminalization of the homeless and expose the boardwalk sweeps for what they are - an ongoing campaign to purge the homeless from the boardwalk and larger community. Venice has a free safe storage program, but it's full and needs to be expanded. Until then, where are people supposed to store their stuff? During these sweeps, sanitation workers under protection of the police apply selective enforcement when confiscating and disposing of personal possessions like sleeping bags, tents, etc. They target the un-housed/homeless and leave tourists' and other people's possessions along the beach alone during the sweeps, clearly a violation of equal protection under the law. Dave took upon himself to block sanitation vehicles and at one point was facing a $100,000 bail on Friday (an absurd amount), but has been released. More on his arrest via the LA Times: Please sign this petition to send a message to Councilman Mike Bonin that he should follow through on this pledge to provide permanent storage facilities for homeless people in Venice! ------------------ July 11, 2014 - The Free Safe Storage Program in Venice needs our support.  The program is under threat of being closed down at the end of the month and needs our help to remain open year around. Currently it serves the community from 5:30-6:30 every day. The storage is free and the total annual cost is a few hundred dollars of liability insurance - that's it.Please put your full support behind keeping the storage facility open and operating all year by signing this petition to Councilman Mike Bonin. Thanks! ...and also let Mike Bonin know you support using Westminster Senior Center as a permanent facility for unhoused people to store their belongings and receive other, urgently needed, services. It just makes good sense to use that empty building, owned by the City of L.A., for such a program. -------------- Jan. 3, 2014 - It's a new year and a new day -- "rumor" has it that Councilman Bonin is already back-tracking on his pledge to honor VNC's vote on where to place storage bins - at the Westminster Senior Center -- in favor of the Baptist Church at 7th & Westminster, as far away from Venice boardwalk as possible -- and certain business interests. PLEASE sign this petition - which has been recently modified to reflect the latest turn of events - to urge Bonin to keep to his word and do what Venice community wants - for a change! ...and forward widely, thanks. TBN The Venice storage program gives homeless people a place to keep their belongings - good idea :)  Some Venice residents/business people don't like the idea and think it is enabling more homeless people to be in Venice.  But L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin supports the program and has put aside the opposition voiced by the "grinches" of Venice and is going ahead with the much needed program this winter. Argonaut December 24, 2013: Storage unit for belongings of shelter users draws criticism: Even some who support the program say it should be located somewhere other than the Venice boardwalk.  A plan to once again allow homeless men and women to store their possessions in a container on the Venice boardwalk has been met with nearly unanimous opposition — a rare moment of agreement for the beachside enclave on matters pertaining to the homeless. Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin announced on Dec. 11 that he would follow in the footsteps of former Councilman Bill Rosendahl and authorize a temporary storage unit for belongings of homeless people who spend the night in winter shelters. Bonin also proposed using the same location, an area behind the paddle tennis courts near Ocean Front Walk and 19th Avenue. Many residents and business owners, however, object to staging the storage program on the boardwalk for a variety of reasons. Members of the Venice Neighborhood Council voted Dec. 17 to recommend allowing shelter users to instead store their belongings at the nearby Westminster Senior Center on Pacific Avenue. There were eight votes for the senior center and three for the First Baptist Church, which already provides some homeless services but is about two miles from the boardwalk. None supported the boardwalk. “The boardwalk is an economic engine for Venice,” said Daniel Samakow, who co-owns three restaurants near Ocean Front Walk and said the plan to locate the storage container there didn’t take into account the consequences for local businesses. Gary Harris, who lives on Ocean Front Walk, said the area around the container last year had become “an encampment for the homeless” and said Bonin’s proposal was “disrespecting the boardwalk and the community.” Deborah Lashever, a Marina del Rey resident who formerly owned a business on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, also thought the senior center was the best choice because participants could also access social services workers there. “If there’s going to be a permanent long-term program, it has to be inside,” Lashever said. Samakow said he and others in the business community supported having the location at the First Baptist Church because the Mildred Cursh Foundation and a Safe Place for Youth both use the church for their social services initiatives several days a week. The church had talked the idea over with Samakow and others, First Baptist minister Samuel Crutchfield said. Venice Neighborhood Council member Erin Sullivan Ward, who voted to offer storage at the senior center, questioned the wisdom of using the church in Venice’s Oakwood neighborhood. “I think the residents there would be up in arms about this,” she said. In an early December interview, Bonin said he doubted the church would be a good place for the homeless to store their belongings. “The goal is to find a location that is functionally suitable with the minimal impact. I think that is significantly more challenging in a residential neighborhood,” Bonin said. Other suggestions of where to locate the storage program include the St. Joseph Center, Venice of America Centennial Park (the tiny park near the Venice Abbot Kinney Memorial Branch Library) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority yard on Pacific Avenue. “There will be challenges at every site — challenges of permitting, of space, of many different things,” Debbie Dyner-Harris, Bonin’s district director, told council members. Bonin said the storage program will remain at Ocean Front Walk unless and until a new location is worked out. In the meantime, “As long as people live on our streets, it is humane to give them a place to store their belongings. Providing secure and safe storage of belongings to people without shelter gives them both peace of mind and dignity,” Bonin said.

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SO, THIS IS AMERICA - WHO KNEW? America - world leader - in homeless abuse? “On August 24, 2012, in an official report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, a top UN investigator said that the United States’ failure to provide homeless persons access to water and sanitary facilities “could … amount to cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment.” The report was issued by UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation Catarina de Albuquerque.” (Whitney Gent, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty) The UN Special Rapporteur’s report states: “The United States, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, must ensure that everyone [has access] to sanitation which is safe, hygienic, secure and which provides privacy and ensures dignity. An immediate, interim solution is to ensure access to restroom facilities in public places, including during the night. The long-term solution to homelessness must be to ensure adequate housing.” According to Amnesty International (AI) and the U.N. General Assembly access to toilets is a human right, as they are “essential to human well-being”. Similarly, according to AI: “Housing is a basic human need and fundamental human right”. OK, tell that to the thousands of homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles today! Then, take a trip to Venice Beach, a district of Los Angeles and ask the homeless people sleeping on the street what these “rights” mean to them. They will likely laugh in your face and tell you there is no housing for them in Venice; and the only available public toilets, located at the beach, are locked from approx. 9:00 pm -  6:00 am, daily. So where do they ‘go’ when they need to use the toilet after 9:00 pm and before 6:00 am (the beach is now also under curfew from midnight to 5:00 am nightly)? Good question! This is a health time-bomb waiting to explode and it doesn’t just apply to Los Angeles but to every city where homeless people are forced to live on the streets without adequate sanitation. How is it possible that a country as advanced as America can turn a blind eye to this most fundamental human need? Make your voice heard - tell the Mayor of Los Angeles and other city, county, state and federal officials that it’s time to make access to public toilets a human right in America.

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July 2015 from L.A. Times: "Mayor Eric Garcetti took office with a promise to end chronic homelessness by the end of 2016. Instead, two years into his term, we're throwing $100 million annually at a problem that's spreading and becoming more entrenched — and Garcetti's largely been silent on the issue, save for platitudes. The best solution our City Council has come up with is a return to ham-handed tactics previously tried and discredited: Have the cops seize the belongings of homeless people, then hand out tickets they can't pay or haul them off to jail. At the very least, that would get them and their messes out of our sight — and quiet constituent complaints about scruffy transients and homeless encampments cropping up on sidewalks and in neighborhood parks."                                         -------------------------- These newest anti-poor LAPD actions come as eager developers and corporate entities prepare for the final takeover -- of what many consider to be this last bastion of freedom on the west coast of Southern California, and possibly the whole of the USA, Venice Beach, CA.  L.A.'s “people’s beach" -- a place where visitors and residents alike enjoy an ambiance of freedom, fun and expression.  Recent attempts by Los Angeles city and Venice-area gentrifiers to curtail these freedoms -- aided by increased police numbers, activity and enforcement -- today are unprecedentedly threatening the very ambiance that makes L.A.'s historic Venice “Venice”. Unsubstantiated claims of increased criminal activity in this famous beach spot, promoted by mainstream media –and those with a vested interest in gentrifying Venice – have unfairly identified the house-less community, young travelers, and people of color as their primary scapegoats.   These house-less, young travelers and people of color, both resident and visitor alike, are now daily targeted by LAPD officers for selective enforcement scrutiny, resulting in a new overflowing congestion of the Los Angeles courts and jails. Meanwhile, as these house-less and vehicle dwellers are now under constant threat of criminal prosecution and a massive new unconstitutional effort to seize their possessions, the City of Los Angeles continues its heartless persecution of the poor in the name of destroying Venice Beach.  PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION TO SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO LAPD AND THE CITY OF L.A.: STOP PERSECUTING THE HOMELESS AND PEOPLE OF COLOR AT VENICE BEACH, CA NOW !

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Petitioning Jane Usher, Charles Posner, Jack Ainsworth, Mike Feuer, Mike Bonin


January 3, 2017 We are re-opening this petition in preparation for more attempts by various Venice residents (ie. Mark Ryavec and co) to privatize our streets!  Stay tuned... June 13, 2013 We scored a tremendous unanimous victory at the Coastal Commission today. Go here to watch video of the hearing: if you have a problem with that link - go here: The Commissioners voted 14-0 against OPDs for Venice after hours of hearing testimony from about 100 Venetians, the city of L.A. and the Venice Stakeholder Association. Commission Chair Mary Shallenberger said: "We are being used by the city of L.A."    Commissioner Brian Brenman said: "Venice brings something remarkable. I hope L.A. appreciates you." (Of course, they don't.)   And Commissioner Martha McClure, lamenting the lack of public parking facilities in our community, said: "Venice is getting short shrift from L.A."   Commissioner Esther Sanchez started the comments by saying she would vote no, and thanked the audience (90% NOPD) for helping her make her decision.   The Commissioners blasted the city, and their own staff, for bringing the issue to the board without a parking study that would show how OPDs would help the parking problem in Venice. The city could only produce a five-year-old survey that only partially addressed parking in the community.   What was significant was that most of the Commissioners were new and had not been present when the city received similar drubbings from Venetians at hearings in 2009 and 2010.   It should be difficult for the city to bring this proposal back to the Commission after today, but who knows?   Anyone who cares about Venice would have been extremely proud of our NOPD delegation at the Commission meeting. They were focused, to the point and made a powerful impression on the Commissioners.   Jim Smith   ------------ June 6, 2013 KEEP VENICE STREETS FREE - HEARING @ COASTAL COMMISSION ON THURS. JUNE 13 -  Make your voices heard by attending the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) hearing next Thurs. June 13 which begins @ 8:30 am in Long Beach, CA. If you are available on that day PLEASE join us in telling the CCC that you want to keep coastal access to Venice beach free and open to all, as stipulated by the 1976 CA Coastal Act; and, if you live in Venice, that you don’t want to have to pay to park on your street! NOPDs supporters are meeting @ 7:00 am on Thurs. June 13 at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291 – Ph: 310-822-3006 Fax: 310-821-0256 We will be busing and/or carpooling to Long Beach – more details closer to the date – PLEASE COME IF YOU CAN, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN VENICE. The hearing will be held at City of Long Beach, City Council CHAMBERS, 333 West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90802 (415) 407-3211 Go here to view the CCC agenda, scroll down to Thurs. June 13: For more info. on this topic go here: Hope to see you there — it will be well worth the effort Best, TBN ------------------ April 23, 2013 THANKS TO MARK RYAVEC & VENICE STAKEHOLDERS ASSOC. (VSA) OPDs ARE BACK ON THE FRONT BURNER IN VENICE! Following a lawsuit brought by Ryavec and VSA against the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) & City of L.A (COLA) - a settlement proposal has been drawn up for submission to the CCC June hearing.   We need to put the pressure on CCC, who have already denied OPDs in Venice twice, to deny them a third time.  Please sign this petition and pass along.  Permit parking in Venice would be in violation of the 1976 Coastal Act which was designed to keep public access to the CA coast free and open to all. NOPDs IN VENICE!  KEEP OUR PUBLIC STREETS FREE!   PRESERVE ALL PUBLIC ACCESS TO THE VENICE COASTAL ZONE! JOIN WITH US IN TELLING THE CA COASTAL COMMISSION THAT VENICE STREETS SHOULD BE OPEN TO ALL - PROVIDING PUBLIC ACCESS TO THE COAST AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY OR NIGHT.   WE DON'T WANT PARKING PERMITS ON OUR STREETS IN VENICE! Please watch this video of the presentation before the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 re: the Proposed Overnight Parking Districts Settlement - resulting from a lawsuit brought by Mark Ryavec and the Venice Stakeholders Assoc. (VSA) against the CA Coastal Commission - The presentation explains the OPD settlement to VNC Board and stakeholders. Representatives from the City Attorney's Office; Tamara Martin and Felix Valde from LA Department of Transportation; Arturo Pina, District Director,CD11, the California Coastal Commission and knowledgeable others were invited to provide information and respond to questions.  NOTE: No motion has been put forward on the subject of the OPD settlement. This item was for discussion only. Any motions dealing with the OPD settlement will be heard at the VNC Board's May meeting.  WE NEED PEOPLE TO SHOW UP AT THE NEXT VNC MEETING IN VENICE (TUES. MAY 21, 2013) TO VOICE THEIR CONCERNS.  WE WILL ALSO NEED LETTERS WRITTEN TO THE CA COASTAL COMMISSION FOR THE JUNE HEARING ON THIS MATTER.      STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO.  THANKS :) ----------------- UPDATE: JUNE 18, 2010  ~ A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SIGNED THE PETITION!  PLEASE STAY TUNED BECAUSE IT ISN'T OVER YET ~ OPD SUPPORTERS HAVE VOWED TO FIGHT BACK.  PLEASE CONTINUE SIGNING AND SENDING EMAILS TO OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS A resounding victory for NOPDs in Venice ~ supporters of the NO OVERNIGHT PERMIT PARKING DISTRICTS (NOPDs) in VENICE gathered at the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) hearing, June 10, 2010 for the 2nd battle over OPDs in Venice. For the second year in a row, the California Coastal Commission has denied a request for overnight parking restrictions by Venice residents who have complained about people living in campers and cars on the streets. The panel's 6-3 vote Thursday also quashed a proposed settlement that the city of Los Angeles had hoped would resolve the divisive issue over how to deal with recreational vehicle dwellers, who some Venice residents contend bring noise, public inebriation, crime and litter. Some commissioners said they continue to believe that such parking restrictions in the coastal zone would negatively affect the public’s ability to access the beach in the early morning.“What we are being asked of is to approve a restriction in the Venice area. That restriction, in my view, does in fact limit access and I’m not convinced we need to do that at this point,” Coastal Commissioner Mark Stone said. Referring to the commission’s vote one year earlier, Commissioner Sara Wan said the state board denied the parking permits because of public access impacts and not due to social issues related to people living in their vehicles.“The city seems to be under some misunderstanding that the streets in these areas should be restricted to residents,” Wan said. “I believe that this particular plan will adversely affect the public’s ability to get to the beach.”The commission’s vote additionally nullified a proposed lawsuit settlement between the commission, City of Los Angeles and Venice Stakeholders Association regarding the commission’s denial of overnight parking permits at last year’s meeting. The tentative agreement proposed that the city would need to have oversize vehicle parking restrictions in place for at least six months, along with other mitigation measures such as allowing additional parking in beach lots, before overnight parking districts (OPDs) could take effect between 2 and 6 a.m. The OPDs would only be established when they receive the support of a two-thirds majority of residents on a certain block. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl said he was very disappointed in the commission’s vote to reject the settlement conditions, calling it “terribly unfair” that Venice has not been given the same right to regulate street parking as other coastal communities. Though he was “flabbergasted” by the decision, Rosendahl said he now wants to focus his energy on implementing an oversize vehicle law, which the council’s transportation committee has already approved, as well as the safe parking program. -------------------------------------------- UPDATE:  Monday, May 31, 2010 Negotiators for the Coastal Commission, the city of Los Angeles and Mark Ryavec’s “Venice Stakeholders Association” have reached a tentative agreement on a lawsuit concerning the Coastal Commission’s right to regulate overnight parking (OPDs) in Venice. June 2, 2010 – 9:00 am, City Hall – L.A. City Council will vote on the proposed settlement agreement.  Please attend if you possibly can. June 10, 2010 – 9:00 am, Marina del Rey Hotel, 13534 Bali Way, Marina del Rey – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – please attend and make your voice heard. California Coastal Commission will vote on the proposed settlement agreement. ---------------------------------------------- UPDATE:  Friday, May 14, 2010 From Charles Posner of California Coastal Commission: The proposed settlement calls for a public hearing before CCC to reconsider the City's proposed OPDs. The date of the public hearing has not been set. The public will be notified once the public hearing is scheduled. The notice will be at least two weeks before the meeting. Check CCC's meeting schedule and agenda at ~ MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD AND SIGN OUR PETITION WHICH WILL SEND EMAILS TO CCC, CD11 AND CITY ATTNY. THNX! ----------------------------------------- UPDATE:  Friday, May 6, 2010 Recently the California Coastal Commission (CCC) struck a tentative settlement with the Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA) to allegedly allow Overnight (Permit) Parking Districts (OPDs) in Venice, CA.  The details of the settlement have not been made public and it appears that it will be several months before the settlement terms will go into effect.  Below are details of events leading up to this latest development in what has become a long drawn out battle to keep the streets of Venice free of permit parking: Less than two months after the California Coastal Commission chose not to issue permits for overnight parking restrictions in five areas of Venice, on June 11, 2009, a community residents' group called Venice Stakeholders Association, headed up by Mark Ryavec, filed a lawsuit challenging the state agency’s jurisdiction to approve such permits.   In its lawsuit against CCC and City of Los Angeles, filed on August 10th, 2009, VSA alleged that CCC failed to follow the California Coastal Act when it voted in June, 2009 to deny coastal development permits for overnight (permit) parking districts (OPDs) on Venice streets.  When denying the parking permits, CCC indicated that they felt they were being tasked with handling the social issue of poor people living in their vehicles, rather than a coastal access issue. VSA sought a writ of mandate to invalidate the commission’s denial of the permits, and a declaration that CCC lacks jurisdiction in regard to OPDs and coastal development permits in the city.   VSA were joined in their effort by the right wing, anti-environmental Pacific Legal Foundation which has attempted for years to dilute the safeguards of the California Coastal Act.  This partnership finally brings clarity to the real intentions of VSA which have been obscured by confusing legal maneuvers and misleading public statements by their spokesperson, Mark Ryavec, a development consultant.

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