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    Michigan Stands With Israel

    The Ann Arbor City Council is considering a vote on whether the U.S. should end military aid to Israel. That’s right - a citywide municipality is inserting itself into an international dispute and attacking Michigan Jews in the process. For years, anti-Israel protesters in Michigan have called for a boycott of Israel, but with anti-Semitism on the rise in the U.S. and around the world, leaders in Ann Arbor have decided now is the time to succumb to anti-Israel pressure. Protesters at a City Council meeting in July spewed violently anti-Semitic language. One called Israel “a terrorist state funded fully by the United States of America, bombing its way wherever it pleases.” Another accused the City Council of being an “accomplice to murder against the Palestinian people” if they did not vote for the boycott. Appalling imagery was used to pressure lawmakers, including when one protester said, “every time an Israeli soldier shoots a Palestinian child in the face, in the foot, in the arm, it drives a community into panic and pain and suffering for decades to come. For God’s sake, don’t you see that?” Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East, the region’s only democracy, and the eternal homeland of the Jewish people. Its historic, religious, and cultural significance to Jews around the world cannot be denied. By entertaining a resolution to boycott Israel, Ann Arbor is putting itself in a position to divide the city over an international conflict that is far outside its scope when it should be focusing on governing and uniting the city. Add your name to tell Ann Arbor to stand down because Michigan stands with Israel!

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    Tell Congress To OPPOSE The Anti-Semitic BDS Bill

    Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has spent her first term in office shoring up her anti-Israel views. Earlier this week, she moved to legislate on that sentiment.  Omar and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) introduced a resolution in support of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. BDS is a targeted attack on Jewish-owned businesses in Israel supported by pro-Palestinian terror and hate groups.  Rep. Omar herself has admitted that the BDS campaign is “not helpful” to reaching a peaceful two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. She previously opposed BDS because of this, but since her election she has reversed her position and become more extreme in her views.  Her short time in office has been marked by escalating anti-Semitic comments. She attacked AIPAC, an organization committed to promoting the U.S. - Israel relationship, by claiming that it corrupts Members of Congress and that the alliance between the two countries is “all about the Benjamins”. She has questioned Jewish-Americans’ allegiance to the United States - an accusation you with think she would be sensitive to as a Muslim-American woman. Now, at last, she has dropped the veil and come out in full support of BDS. Apparently, peace and a two-state solution are goals she no-longer finds worthwhile.  As Americans, we need to stand up and demand that Congress not codify anti-Semitism into law with this resolution. Israel is the only free and democratic state in the Middle East. Until recently, officials in the United States have been sure-footed in our country’s support for and friendship with Israel. At a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise, we need to stand by that friendship more than ever. Add your name and tell Congress to OPPOSE Omar and Tlaib’s BDS resolution.

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    Expel UW-Milwaukee Student for Attacking Jewish Students

    This week at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a student disrupted an event celebrating Israel’s independence with a Nazi propaganda poster. His hateful sign featured a large swastika and a call to “gas” his Jewish classmates. The student has been identified as Kristian Gresham, a 26-year-old man with a documented history of aggressive, racist, and criminal behavior - including arrests for graffiti and  “obstructing an officer”. He even served time in jail and the county house of corrections. His fellow students testified to his character on social media - commenting on the “offensive and unwarranted” things he said in class, how he berated professors, and how he was often kicked out of class for this behavior. In a statement following the incident, the school’s administration said that “as a public university, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee respects everyone’s right to free speech, even when it is speech that we disagree with.” What Kristian Gresham did was not just an expression of speech. He threatened the safety and education of his fellow students. “Gas the Jews” is not protected free speech. It’s incitement of violence against the Jewish community on campus. Kristian’s actions also violated the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Code of Conduct Policy 18.11: “No person may engage in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in which the conduct to cause or provoke a disturbance, in university buildings or on university lands.” Sign the petition NOW to tell the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to protect Jewish students and kick Kristian Gresham off campus for his aggressive anti-Semitic behavior.

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    Anti-Semitism Has No Place At Berkeley

    Last week, a meeting of the Associated Students at UC-Berkeley devolved into overt racism and religious discrimination. A campus meeting to discuss the recent student government elections quickly morphed into a debate on whether or not Jewish students should be allowed to participate in civic life at Berkeley. Phrases like “F*ck Zionists” were thrown around gleefully from the crowd. Students rose one by one to speak out against their Jewish peers and float outrageous conspiracy theories. Someone complained about the “white tears, Zionist tears” she had been forced to listen to during the meeting. Another student claimed the Israel Defense Forces were training American police to kill black people and that Zionists are responsible for “modern-day slavery”. The ostensible purpose of the meeting was to discuss the recent disqualification of the only Jewish elected representative on dubious charges including distribution of spam emails. As a minority population on a campus with a history of anti-Semitism, the campus Jewish community was understandably concerned. Jewish students showed up hoping to engage in good faith dialogue with ASUC to find out what happened. Instead, they were confronted by an angry mob that would have felt right at home at the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville last year. Spreading hate, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and fake news about a group of students based on their religion is simply unacceptable. UC-Berkeley has an obligation to protect its students from this kind of bigotry and abuse. Sign this petition to tell UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ to condemn the events of the ASUC meeting and pledge to protect all students from targeted religious hatred.

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