Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire's Moors

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Campaigning to end grouse shooting on Yorkshire's moors. Our vision is for the uplands to conserve wildlife, habitat and benefit the regional economy.

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Petitioning Richard Flint, Julie Clay, Geoff Lomas, Lisa Harrowsmith, Miles Foulger

End grouse shooting on Yorkshire Water moors

Yorkshire Water is one of the largest landowners in the region, leasing out moorlands for grouse shooting at the cost of wildlife, habitat, leisure and the regional economy. We - the undersigned - note that grouse shooting on its land is harming: Wildlife - Overall biodiversity is decreased and unhealthily-high populations of game birds promoted. Mountain hare, foxes, stoats, weasels and corvids are purged by trap and bullet in order to increase red grouse numbers for the guns. Harmful management practices degrade the habitat required for specialist breeding bird species to survive. Habitat - Intensive management practices such as burning - used to engineer an enlarged grouse population - has significant negative environmental impacts. This includes degrading blanket bog, alerting peat hydrology, increasing flood risk and decreasing biodiversity. Leisure - The reputation of the uplands is damaged by grouse shooting, deterring tourists from taking leisure in areas where the practice takes place.  Regional economy - Grouse shooting displaces visitors to the uplands and tarnishes the reputation of areas heavily reliant on tourist income. Grouse moor management practices also contribute to flooding, costing the regional economy millions of pounds, threatenings livelihoods, homes, businesses, jobs and damaging transport infrastructure. Grouse shooting is intrinsically incompatible with Yorkshire Water’s duty to provide good, long-term environmental stewardship of the region’s uplands for the benefit of wildlife, habitat, leisure and the regional economy. Yorkshire Water must stop the leasing of its moors for grouse shooting.

Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire's Moors
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Petitioning Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe

End Grouse Shooting on Ilkley Moor

Bradford Metropolitan District Council ("the Council") is the last local authority in the United Kingdom to allow grouse shooting to take place on public moorland. We - the undersigned - note that: 1) Biodiversity has decrease on Ilkley Moor since grouse shooting returned in 2008. One of the causes has been an unnaturally high population of red grouse being bred for shooting, which impedes on other species. 2) Burning - an intensive management practice used to enlarge the grouse population - has negative environmental and economic impacts. This includes increasing flood risk, damaging blanket bog, altering peat hydrology and decreasing biodiversity, including protected bird species. 3) Grouse butts have been built on Ilkley Moor over blanket bog and related drainage installed - leading into a waterway which runs off the moor and through Ilkley town. This increases flood risk and has degraded important habitat. 4) Vehicles used to access grouse butts have been driven across Ilkley Moor. This has degraded the public land in multiple places and damaged blanket bog. 5) Lead ammunition is used in pursuit of grouse on Ilkley Moor. Lead shot is poisonous to wildlife - protected birds of prey, such as red kite and buzzards - with effects including decreased reproduction. 6) Members of local walking and running groups have raised the use of firearms - including during Summer months, when the moor becomes increasingly popular - causes fear and intimidation. Further, grouse shooting interests are placed above those who visit and reside next to the moor, with shooting dates not published, safety notices not posted at entrance points to the land and neighbours not notified when shoots are taking place. 7) Grouse shoot has gone beyond the authority granted in the contract awarded by the Council, including mounting security operations on shoot dates which do not comply with SIA regulations. The shoot has previously gone beyond its authority and been warned about its conduct, following employees verbally abusing members of the public and warning them off public land. Grouse shooting is intrinsically incompatible with the statutory and policy requirements for management of public land. Bradford Metropolitan Council must end grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor.

Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire's Moors
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