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Petitioning BBC Director general Tony Hall

We Call On The BBC to Sack Danny Baker.

We call upon the BBC to sack BBC Radio 5 live presenter Danny Baker. His disgraceful and insulting tweet in relation to the birth of a British Royalty to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex constituted grave and grievous insult to a modern, multi cultural and diverse society such as Britain. To depict a child, any child, who is in part of African heritage, as Chimpanzee is an outrage. We note Mr Baker has offered an apology, however we find it insincere and incredulous. The multicultural nature of the Royal family with marriage of Prince Harry to Megan Merkle, heralded a special moment for our nation, where a woman of African American descent became part of the British Royal family. To have the birth of their first child marred by the posting of this disgusting trope is outrageous and entirely unacceptable in modern Britain. We believe that Mr Baker knew full well, the offence this image would cause, and to suggest otherwise is incredulous. Having caused offence to black people, he accuses us of having 'diseased' minds for concluding the image was indeed racist. This constitutes further offence. First comes the insult then comes the attack on anyone who dares to call it out. The BBC must uphold the highest standards in the fight against racism and bigotry. There can be few more egregious examples of racism than the image posted by Mr Baker. We therefore call on the BBC to terminate Mr Bakers contract as a consequence of bringing the BBC into disrepute and offending millions across the country, if not the world. 

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Petitioning Metropolitan Police Comissioner Comissoner, GLA Member Steve O'Connell, GLA Member Unmesh Desai, the mayor of london

We Call For the Immediate Suspension Of Romford Metropolitan Police PC Kevin Rawley.

We condemn the recent, aggressive and disproportionately violent arrest of two young black brothers, one aged 17 and the other just 14 years of age, on Heath Road Romford, by Metropolitan Police Service, Police Constable, Kevin Rawley. The video of this arrest has gone viral and has resulted in large-scale outrage at the treatment of the suspect by this officer. The fundamental philosophy of modern policing is to ensure public confidence by adhering to the principle of policing with consent. We believe incidents such as this fundamentally erode that Important principle. We note the recent figures, published by the Metropolitan Police Service demonstrating that when police officers arrest black Londoners, police officers  consistently use disproportionate force. This arrest has caused huge outrage and concern amongst Londoners and many more concerned citizens throughout the country are appalled at what they've seen.Today, London's African and Afro-Caribbean communities have the lowest rates of public trust and confidence in the Metropolitan Police Service. The current figures represent the lowest level of expressed black public confidence ever recorded since the very inception of this public survey.  This is a direct consequence of a failure to tackle the continued existence of institutionalised racism in operational policing practices, that have led to the toxic corrosion of community confidence in our police service. We call upon the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to urgently and immediately formally suspend PC Kevin Rawley, pending a disciplinary investigation. We also call upon the Mayor of London, and the London Assembly, to launch a public investigation, with public oversight, allowing scrutiny by community selected panel, in an effort to provide total transparency around the circumstances of this arrest. We call upon the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, to drop all consideration of any charges against these two boys with immediate effect as being fundamentally against the public interest. We believe that this serious incident has had a major negative impact upon police and community relations in London, which are now deeply fraught with tension and an open lack of trust by Londons black communities in both the professionalism and objectivity of the Metropolitan Police Service.  Further, we believe it vital that demonstrable action is taken immediately, to reassure the public about the commitment of the police and the Mayor to tackling police racism, ensuring open transparent investigation in an effort to maintain the highest levels of public accountability. 

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Petitioning Bob Shennan, BBC Managing Director, Chris Burns, Head of BBC Local Radio, David Robey, BBC Radio London, Awo Ablo, BBC Media Action Board of Trustees, Margot James MP, Minister for Digital and the ...

BBC do not shut down London's only black political, topical affairs programme.

The BBC has decided to end, without consultation, the only black political talk show on the BBC, a show that's been running for 20 years straight, the Dotun On Sunday show. There are now over 1.2 million African and Caribbean people of African descent in London. Therefore a significant larger population of black people in London than that of 20 years ago, yet today we have the lowest number of BBC broadcasting hours dedicated to our community, of any other similar ethnic sized community in London.   We seek your support in demanding that the BBC maintains this programme and increases is diversity broadcasting for Londons Black communities. In the current post Brexit atmosphere of increasing intolerance, we feel its important that London's rich and diverse, cultural assets are protected.  Stereotypically, London’s black communities are now only being offered music shows by the BBC London and occasional one off specials.  We believe this decision could also have implications for BBCs regional African Caribbean programming nationally as a result.  We call upon the BBC to reverse this terrible decision and meet with us to discuss extending the number of hours dedicated to black programming in London. We believe that the BBC is in contravention of its own policies and possiblly British Equality legislation.  We ask that you support our call and sign and share this petition. #BBC #BanBlackCommen

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