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To have the area of Land known as Bambara near Kariong on the NSW Central Coast included in the surrounding National Park. The Bambara area is home to 14 known threatened flora and fauna species, 23 registered (AHIM'S) Aboriginal sites and the mysterious and internationally famous Kariong Egyptian Hieroglyphs (featured in international 6 part series, Tony Robinson Explores Australia) Over the years, 14 seperate development applications have been lodged. Developers continualy try to develop/destroy this area knowing fully well that over 1000 mature trees would have to be felled and the land gutted to make way for just 7 houses..... WE CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN!! As a stakeholder in the courts proceedings (public objector in support of the Councils decision to oppose D.A) I received the welcome news friday June 25th 2010 at 4.17pm that we had won the court case and this particular battle!! The Land and Environment Court knocked back the Development Application!! But the land is still open for development and is currently on the market.... This community has tirelessly campaigned for the protection of this area for 80 years (of course understanding and respecting Pemulwoy, Musquito, Woglamigh and the many other Original Custodians who fought for this land starting 224 years ago!) and this land is still not zoned as National Park. The Bambara area was described by the worlds foremost authority on Indigenous rock engravings, Jean Clottes, as having "The greatest diversity for rock art in the world"

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