Autism parents against abuse

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    Sack all involved in cover up abuse of my autisic son

    Nsw education department has continually abused autistic children and have never been held accountable.?  My autistic son was emotional abused in Primary School made pick up rubbish abused daily in past year his teacher threatned him with her husband a police man.    Complaint to education department lead to him entering high school a year earlier. Where he was put in class lead by unqualified staff when complaints put in, police were called into a meeting and parents coerced to sign give education department right to manhandle them during this meeting   said my child extremely well behaved I refused to sign. This police officer made point not associated with local police but said I had no rights. Within a week my son was in emergency dept with head injuries and swollen wrist.    After report to police not only education department cover it up, they interfered with court proceedings threatened both children with no education at all, same corrupt police officer continually intimidates family and drives by family home in civilian clothes and police cars.    Offered son can go back proviso I drop anti-discrimination case when I wouldnt son charged thrown in cell charged with assault since been dropped since threatned with $10000 fine if not removed orginal petition which was removed.    Police approached lawyer saying not one staff member would stand up in court and lie. One staff members since lying about attending meetings daughter is now staff member. The mother rang today after knowing all calls recorded calls me while I with childrens cancer stricken father blackmailing me. Same woman that was going lie in court she was at a meeting she didnt attend.   Education department offered partial home partial school. I filled paper work, staff fraudulently changed it saying I agreed son violent his never been and full home school in. I took a copy of this paperwork before they changed it,   This violent woman drives past family home known corrupt judge seen emergency report made aware of drivebys yet protects her.    The police agreed to withdraw charge if agree avo protecting this child abuser that they agree they investigated and lied. They agreed to tell her stop driving by she still drives by.    Consequences of abuse lead my son getting minium school in. This woman also has say what work he gets. His wearing xxl clothes putting strain on his heart. His wrist still has ligament damage 18 months later. Cant go outside cause continually drive bys. Mum continually breath tests "be cause We can" grand father has cancer have drive extra ten minutes around madam abuser.  Nightmares and lack confidence still. Lost friendships and job prospect.  Future probably relaint on centrelink and health system as lack job prospects   Anyone covered up abuse should be immediately sacked those sit by knowing happening sacked and not entitled to work pensions jail or working with their victims be good.    Sign petition saying Australia had enough of child abuse 

    Autism parents against abuse
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    Petitioning Simon Birmingham, Simon Birmingham, Christian Porter, Mark Speakman

    Stop teachers bullying and child abuse in Australian schools #LetUsSpeak #VictimRights

    My Autistic son was/still ongoing emotionally and physically abused by a NSW special needs teacher. Ending in a visit to the emergency room. Like so many other families. Education department refuse to intervene. In fact she now has permanant job there. My son hasn't attended school since August 11 2016. I found stories of children locked in cages, physically abused, emotionally abused, left outside outside in isolation.  I kept complaining after my Autistic son had to be taken to hospital. Police refused to listen they refuse believe teacher capable of abuse. Instead after I again complained she applied intervention order. My beautiful boy was locked up and now faces charges. At court she asked Avo be varied to he can't attend school, his not to go within 20 metres of her. He won't even leave our house or go outside. You can sign my other petition calling attorney general to drop charges here I am calling for harsher penalties for child abusers.  More powers for human rights commission to investigate and punish those doing the wrong thing. At the moment they are powerless to intervene.  Education department stop transferring these abusers around the state. And remove them from having any contact with children.  I am calling for chief minister Andrew Barr to hold up his promise to stop cover up of child abuse.  Please sign and show our government we do not support child abuse in any form 

    Autism parents against abuse
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