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    Stop the plans to fence Parliament House off from the people

    The people of Australia will soon be prevented from accessing the lawns of Parliament House with construction of a 2.6-metre high fence set to begin this summer. This is an outrage that flies in the face of the democratic principles Parliament House was designed to uphold. Parliament House is a symbol of the nation’s freedom and democracy. It is, and should remain, the people’s building. The rooftop lawns at Parliament House are at the heart of acclaimed architect, the late Romaldo Giurgola’s award-winning design. They allow Australians to walk over the heads of their politicians and are a fundamentally important reminder that parliamentarians are there to serve the people. The fence will destroy this vital symbol of our democracy and tarnish the quintessentially Australian values it embodies. For almost three decades, visitors have climbed the lawns and skipped or rolled down the iconic grass slopes. These simple pleasures could soon come to an end. The decision to put up a fence was made with no public consultation and rushed through on the very last parliamentary sitting day of the year. This is unacceptable and a slippery slope we shouldn’t be heading down. Where will they draw the line? Which of our national monuments will they fence off next? Safety is paramount but it must be achieved in a way that does not compromise the very things we are seeking to protect. Please sign the petition to #stopthefence, stand up for democracy and show your support for keeping the lawns of Parliament House open to the people.

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    3,651 supporters