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The Association of United Pagans is a Non-Profit California Religious Corporation dedicated to a select set of goals and challenges which are not uncommon to fellow pagans around the globe. The AUP promotes unity, diversity and acceptance under federal and state codes 501(c)(3) and CA 23701(d).

The goals of The AUP are simply these: a. To provide support, education, and pagan resources to members of the pagan religions, their families, and groups.
b. To build a centralized directory of pagan groups throughout the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.
c. To better enlighten the general public on Paganism, it's meanings, and its practices.
d. To assist association members in building structured venues for pagan worship.
e. To build a foundation for a strong and united Pagan community.
f. To assist those wanting to make a difference in the world through community outreach.
g. To perform the full range of legal activities practiced by any United States based non-profit religious organization.

The goals and challenges faced by the AUP are not uncommon to fellow pagans around the globe. Our primary goal is to provide information to the general public on what a Pagan is and what our various belief systems entail. By doing this we can over time reduce the myths and legends that taint the reputation of the Pagan community by revealing the real live practices and truths to our audiences.

Aside from this the AUP also seeks to provide a centralized database of all of the pagan organizations and groups throughout the United States and Canada and to connect individuals with those resources. The registry will provide details on the group, their pagan gendre, and a brief mission statement. This service will be free to the organizations and the individuals seeking such groups or organizations in their area. Interlinking with registries in other countries will be done as availability permits.

Not unlike other Pagan organizations we will also provide up to the minute reporting on environmental issues effecting our planet and help to educate the public on what can be done to assist in preventing or stamping out these issues. Occasionally we will also be putting together groups to go out and assist in the cleanup and reconstruction of our parks, woods and roadways. We only have one planet, her name is Gaia, and she is our friend.

Of course over time we will revise and reinvent in order to meet the changes and challenges of our communities and planet. But the one pledge we give to you that will remain unwavered is that we will not stop until we...  Unite Pagans everywhere!

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