Kirsty McCully and the Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Centre

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    New Zealand Government: Stop the closure of Auckland’s 24/7 sexual violence crisis service

    UPDATE: Prime Minister John Key has just done a devastating backflip. It is with deep sadness and anger that I write to let you know Auckland's 24 hour rape crisis line is under threat of closure --less than 12 months since 7,000 of you signed my petition that forced PM Key to promise its survival. Please sign and share this petition to help save the essential service. And keep PM Key to his promise! Auckland Sexual Abuse Help is the 24 hour crisis service for those who report rape or sexual violence in Auckland. Unless the NZ government does something urgently to provide proper funding to keep this service operating, it will close in January - less than a month from now, after 30 years providing professional counselling and support to rape and sexual violence survivors. Members of the public can make the government hear how important this service is by letting the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Justice know they need to take responsibility for keeping this crucial service open, and funding it properly. Save the 24 hour crisis line - speak up in support of Help for sexual violence survivors. Send a message about why signed the petition directly to John Key on facebook here: And join the Facebook group to help stop the closure!/groups/300554253318529/

    Kirsty McCully and the Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Centre
    18,358 supporters