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YES! to Children's Rights across the Whole of Europe - despite Brexit!

First, we petitioned to "Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent" or 'forced adoptions' - unique in the UK: 1,000 children per month are removed from their parents against their will and 8% are adopted, legitimised by secret family courts. That petition resulted first in a fact-finding visit of 8 MEPs and a Report:  Then MEPs put Children's Best Interest on the agenda of a Plenary Debate with a Resolution: The Resolution asks for sharing information and collaborating across borders.  Now we put statistics together for the UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway and need support to Stop the Forced Removals of Children by Social Services:   Hence we changed the title of our petition: and asked the President of the European Parliament to implement the Resolution despite Brexit:  However, in the UK, the Children and Social Work Bill has been introduced by Lord Nash of the Department for Education to the House of Lords and sanctions 'corporate parenting':    If you care for the future of children and families, please do follow the links and discover real life tragedies and cruelties that are worse than fiction.  We rely on Official Statistics on and Official Reports on which call some of the standard practices 'abusive'. 

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Petitioning Ms Vera Jourova

STOP the Forced Removal of Children by Social Services - across all EU Member States!

In the UK: 200 parents are being imprisoned a year in secret family courts, as stated by Harriet Harman MP in Parliament in 2006; 1,000 parents lose their children every month, as published by Channel IV in their film about 'forced adoptions': 15,000 Kids and counting; the BBC published: Adoption: Thousands of children forcibly taken into care and recently 'Huge rise' in newborn babies subject to care proceedings. Reasons for Hope from Brussels, Strasbourg and Vienna: MEPs came for a fact-finding visit and got confirmation of what over 20 petitioners had presented in Brussels. This report on Social Services in Europe by Russian Parliamentarian Olga Borzova calls what is happening in the UK 'abusive'. The UK can't be member of a club and not play by its rules, i.e. the Convention of Human Rights and complying with EU Directives EU Directive 2011/92 on combating child sexual abuse is also the subject of this new Handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child The Directive was violated by the UK and an Infringement Notice was issued in January 2014 but closed in July 2015. Our Freedom of Information request about Who, When, Where and Why is still outstanding. Here's more about the background of the Petition.

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