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To end the slaughter by trapping hunting, and snaring of Irish wildlife.

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Petitioning Veterinary Surgeon Lindsey Edwards, Minister Heather Humphreys


Lindsay Edwards IS THE VET WHO SAID THE MAULED AND TOSSED HARE ON RTE's  Clare Show tonight 6.2.17 was fine. We are calling for a boycott of her Veterinary Surgery services due to her blatant support for the animal abusing Irish Coursing Club 'hare husbandry' and her conclusion that the chased hare in Clonmel coursing who was hit numerous times by two trained Greyhounds, also tumbled, caught (despite muzzling) and overturned and mauled.This limp stressed hare was taken away by Coursing staff and the Vet proclaimed on TV that the said hare had no signs of visible injury, and was 'sitting comfortable in his box' after all this.Please note internal injuries are not visible. SHE WAS ON THE SHOW ON BEHALF OF THE ICC. She would not admit she was an employee of the ICC when asked but said she worked alongside them just for being paid her 'expenses'.So she is supporting Hare coursing on TV for free gratis.This claim has yet to be proven. The audience at the show were not convinced. A poll on the show revealed 64 % wanted live hare coursing ended. 

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Petitioning Thomas Dunne

We want (a) those companies and people connected with this wildlife slaughter to disassociate themselves from it (b) and we want the Minister to stop the kill and to use TB vaccination.

The Irish Department of Agriculture is seeking contractors to kill up to 12,000 badgers over 2 years in an ongoing effort to tackle tuberculosis levels in cattle. The contract will be worth in the region of €2m and will involve the capture and shooting of the animals. [although clubbing of some animals has been reported. Badger culling has been used as a  way of reducing the levels of the disease for decades, with 6,000 badgers per year culled in recent years. • 115,000 badgers have been killed by the Irish Government since 1984• 6,000 snares are set in Ireland every night• €70 million of citizen’s money has been allocated to the disease eradication programme this year alone• Badgers are a protected species by Irish and European law Scotland is TB free and never snared Badgers. Wales Vaccination project has reduced TB. Northern Ireland have the same TB rate as Southern Ireland and never snared.   PLEASE SIGN AND HELP US STOP THIS UNNECESSARY AND BRUTAL KILLING.   AOHS.

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Petitioning Minister Jimmy Deenihan.

Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.: End the farming and breeding of birds for sport shooting in IRELAND

In IRELAND millions of pheasants and partridges are purpose-bred annually. These birds are kept in battery cages, sheds and pens for the multi-million pound shooting industry. Artificially-reared birds are subject to painful mutilations and have administered to them a variety of pharmaceuticals in an attempt to combat the stress and diseases that are the inevitable consequences of intensive farming. As the Shooting fraternity itself has acknowledged, millions of birds are shot purely for sport rather than for the dinner table. Additionally, large numbers of wild birds and mammals are mercilessly killed in ‘predator control’ programmes. We, the undersigned: • Believe that the farming of pheasants and partridges to serve as feathered targets is perversely cruel. • We call for a ban on the production of birds for ‘sport’ shooting to be introduced in Ireland. • A similar ban was introduced in Holland in 2002.

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