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Amman Symphony Orchestra was created from the nucleus of the Orchestra of the National Music Conservatory (King Hussein Foundation). With the sponsorship of Greater Amman Municipality, the orchestra performed its inaugural concert in January 2007. The Amman Symphony Orchestra adopts the same standards of excellence adopted by most prominent orchestras of the World and has a schedule of performances held on the third Wednesday of every month. The resident conductor of Amman Symphony Orchestra is Mohammed Uthman Sidiq. However, a number of prominent visiting conductors and virtuous soloists are featured with the Orchestra every season as part of the plan to constantly develop the Orchestra. Out of Amman Symphony Orchestra comes the following ensembles: Amman Sinfonietta, Amman String Quartet, Amman Wood Quintet, and the Amman Brass Quintet. The National Music Conservatory (NMC) is artistically and administratively in charge of the ASO.

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