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Petitioning T Uchida (President Director, PT. Honda Prospect Motor), Takahiro Hachigo (President, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. - Japan), (a copy to the Union)

Honda, Stop Union Busting!

Since early 2015, workers at Japanese Honda Corporation in Indonesia have been facing severe pressure and intimidation by the management, as they fought for justice at their workplaces. Between April and June 2015, five workers and union leaders (Kerly, Yohanes Masang, Uut, Rizky and Lutfi Firmansyah) were intimidated and eventually dismissed arbitrarily from their jobs, due to their union activism. We demand Honda: To reinstate immediately the five dismissed workers and to pay their wages To stop union busting and all forms of intervention and intimidation against the workers who are trying to establish an independent labour union (SERBUK HPM) To respect labour rights and justice for their workers ======================================= WHY WE ARE AGAINST HONDA AND DEMAND HONDA TO STOP THE UNION BUSTING Workers at PT. Honda Prospect Motor Karawang (PT. HPM), Indonesia, have been working for the company since 1999. We were obliged to be the members of the Indonesian Trade Union of Metal, Electronic, and Machinery Sector PT. HPM (SPSI LEM PT. HPM). Most of the workers who are obliged to be members of the SPSI LEM have never filled membership forms, however, not only that they are recorded automatically as the members of SPSI LEM PT. HPM without their approvals but also the company deduct their monthly wages to be transfered to the union as the members’ dues. For years of compulsorily membership in the SPSI LEM PT. HPM, we considered the union has failed to deliver their organisational functions for their members which resulted in tremendous disappointment. The members of SPSI LEM PT. HPM has attempted to reform the SPSI union by proposing meetings, asking for financial statement from the boards, and proposing succession of the boards, however, all initiatives being rejected by the board of the SPSI Union. Since the beginning of 2015, we have conducted intense discussion to address the problems and to find possible solution by changing the organisation’s structure. At the end, we concluded that we need to initiate a new union which will accomodate members’ interests and fight for members’ rights, and they decided to name the union the Serikat Buruh Kerakyatan PT. Honda Prospect Motor (SERBUK HPM) to be affiliated to the Federation of SERBUK (People’s Worker Union). On April 12, 2015 during the declaration of the formation of SERBUK HPM, we had been succeeded to recruit 3500 members, proven with membership forms which were completed voluntarily by workers (The membership forms were completed with voluntary resignation letters from SPSI LEM PT. HPM and joined in the SERBUK PT. HPM). On April 14, 2015, we submitted the documents in compliance to the recording requirements of SERBUK PT. HPM to the Head of the Manpower Department of Karawang District. In many events, the Head of the Manpower Department of Karawang District as the authorized state official to sign the Legalization of New union in his district stated that all requirements of the registration process of SERBUK PT HPM has complied the administration requirements of the provision of Act No. 21 of 2000 on Trade Unions/labour Unions and The Decision of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No.16 of 2001 on Recording of Trade Union/Labour Union, however, the Head of Manpower Dept of Karawang District keep refusing to issue the Recording Number (SK Pencatatan as the legalization of a Union) of SERBUK PT. HPM. To respond to and prevent the recruitment of new members, on April 13, 2015 the HRD of PT. HPM issued an announcement No. 10/HPM/PGA/IV/2015 stated that workers of PT HPM are prohibited to distribute membership forms in one or other ways to prevent workers to initiate new union and join in the new union of SERBUK PT. HPM. In the announcement, the company also threat the workers with sanctions of Layoffs and reported to have committed a Crime to the Police. On April 17, 2015 jam 13.30, a worker named Kerly (the newly appointed board of SERBUK PT. HPM) was summoned to the HRD office (by Bernama Dodod) where he was interrogated on the initiation of the new union of SERBUK PT. HPM and distribution of membership forms. During that interrogation Dodod has conducted intimidation and accusation to Kerly to have distributed the membership forms of SERBUK HPM. Following that interrogation, Dodod forced the drawer of Kerly’s desk opened without permission and confiscated registration forms of SERBUK HPM. Based on the information he got from the member lists, the company then put pressure and intimidation to the workers to resign from SERBUK PT. HPM Union. Dodod committed intimidation to Kerly and other workers not to join either as members or boards of the SERBUK PT HPM Union and threat them with layoffs (It was stated in front of the members of SERBUK PT. HPM, among others: Krisnan, Rujito, Hendrika, Ahmad Sunedi, Abdul Royan). On April 27, 2015, Joko Wiryawan (Chairperson of SPSI LEM PT. HPM) and Ruswandi (Secretary of SPSI LEM PT. HPM) ordered 41 members of SPSI LEM to prevent the registration process of SERBUK PT HPM in the Manpower Department Office of Karawang by occupying the manpower office and terrorizing, repelling, verbally abusing, and throwing stone to the members of SERBUK HPM who came to submit registration requirements for their union. Following the incidents and ongoing intimidation by the company as well as the former union, the company conducted suspension to the board of SERBUK PT HPM as the consequences of their joining to the new union of SERBUK HPM. These are the workers who are suspended until today: Kerly (16 years of service/work); Yohanes Masang (14 years of service/work); Lutfi Firmansyah (16 years of service/work), Uut (12 years of service/work) Rizky(15 years of service/work). The company has also transferred members of SERBUK HPM, namely: Krisnan, Rujito, Hendrika, Ahmad Sunedi, Abdul Royan to other departments. The intimidation, suspension, threat and transfer of members as well as board of SERBUK HPM have impacted on the workers who joined in the union to experience fear to carry their duties and participate in the union activities of SERBUK HPM. Members of SERBUK HPM have attempted various efforts and conducted rallies to resolve these issues, but we have not seen any signs or signals of the solution. On August 20, 2015, numbers of members of SERBUK HPM conducted a rally to the Embassy of Japan and he Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration in Jakarta to denounce the issues. The SERBUK HPM Union have decided to continue the struggle in order to defend their right to associate. We need your support and solidarity of international networks as well as Unions in the companies under Honda Internasional Group to demand that: PT Honda Prospect Motor must respect the freedom of association to the workers who want to join to People’s Worker Union Federation or other union. PT Honda Prospect Motor must give the same rights and obligations to all the unions in the company in CBA negotiations, dispensation and all matters related to the activities of trade unions in carrying out the functions and duties without discrimination. PT Honda Prospect Motor must stop all forms of intimidation, threats and revoked the suspension to 5 workers and the demotion to 4 workers which conducting activities related to the functions of trade union organizations. Karawang, 22 August 2015 FEDERASI SERBUK [FEDERASI SERIKAT BURUH KERAKYATAN]Address: Perumahan Sari Indah Permai – Blok B No. 9Lamaran Palumbon Sari RT. 06 RW. 05 KarawangJawa Barat Indonesia email : Executive Committee of Federation of Serikat Buruh Kerakyatan (People Union) Riki Hermawan (Chair) and Ali Husein (General Secretary)

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