Ark of Hope for Children

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Ark of Hope for Children creates awareness of, advocates for, and provides emotional care for abused, trafficked and bullied children internationally. *** Ark of Hope for Children brings awareness, provides emotional care and mobilizes advocates for young victims of child abuse, child trafficking, bullying and aged out foster youth. Children and youth are being victimized in growing and alarming rates worldwide. Ark of Hope for Children focuses on care, habilitation and life transformation to turn victims into empowered survivors. *** When loving people stand in the gap, devoting themselves with sacrificial, unconditional love, the trajectory of shattered lives can change forever. Through our programs we encourage local, church, state, national and international mobilization on behalf of these victimized children. *** Our "Counter Attack" program provides online care through mentoring and counsel to abused and/or bullied children worldwide using our online victim support network. *** Our "Removing the Chains" program is geared towards equipping and mobilizing online mentors who will reach out through our system to help Ark of Hope multiply our life changing online efforts. *** Ark of Hope's "Harbourage" Safe Harbor Homes will be specialized safe homes for child sex trafficking victims that were rescued from their captors. Here survivors will habilitate and heal until they are ready to move onto our "Jacob's Wings Transitional Living" apartments. *** Residents of Jacobs Wings will include ex-foster children aged out from care at 18, but not ready for life on their own. In these living units Ark of Hope will provide life coaches that help with the transition to successful, independent adulthood. *** We pray you will partner with us to make each of these areas a complete success as together we "Create a legacy of hope for abused children." *** Donations Go To Ark of Hope for Children A 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 59-3585457)

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