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Landlords, Take Control by Enrolling Your Tenants in AHRF's Eviction Prevention Program.

We Had to Come up with our own solution. It's legal, it's fair and it will work. Landlords you need to get your tenants enrolled in Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation's (AHRF) Eviction Prevention Program (EPP).  You can reach out to AHRF or you can direct your tenants to AHRF, either way it needs to happen.  The AHRF EPP is designed to achieve these objectives: Bring the tenant and landlord together with the assistance of a qualified mediator/eviction prevention specialist.  Enroll both the Landlord and the tenant in the online property management system. This way we can explore accurate tenant rental histories and work out how those back rents owed can be paid. The solution can be approached in a number of ways depending on the current situation of the tenant. It may involve government sponsored  rental assistance, the tenant paying a portion of the arrears along with their current rent, or getting a repayment plan and moving the tenants out or a combination that results in a solution for both tenant and landlord..  are expensive and time consuming. We want the landlord to have an option to get a work out rather than having tor incurred more cost and time delay.  don’t want the tenant to get an eviction on their credit or court record. This will make it hard for the tenant to rent again.  This is where you go to sign up for the AHRF EPP www.theapartmentlady.org Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation formed a partnership with Smart Property Systems to create a power, accurate, successful online system that will encourage and allow the tenants to make payments towards a payment arrangement. If you want to start seeing some rentals income, contact AHRF asap. www.theapartmentlady.org  COME TO THE ZOOM MEETING ON March 20TH, 2021, @11AM CST (Central Standard Time) Here is the meeting link. Let's talk about what the EPP program will mean for you. You Must Register in Advance for This Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/96651316942?pwd=dVlCeUU1MmwyU1NXb0d5Z1JueEppdz0 https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIrcuirrz0jHtZPg0CvgswqM5TxmzfOQ1qf9 THIS CAN COVER ALL THINGS. LANDLORDS, WE MUST COME TOGETHER TO SAVE OURSELVES AND THE TENANTS!

Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation Inc
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It's Time to Come together and Stop These Evictions!

Hello, I am Professor Lashondra Graves, The Apartment Lady TM, CEO of Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation, Apartment Lady Inc, a 501 c3 organization. I have been helping homeless working families secure Second Chance Rentals and fight evictions for over 6 years.  I created Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation (AHRF)  because God instructed me to through a vision. I want to make sure that families get a fair chance. Without proper housing, it is impossible to be stable. Children get moved around in school (my brothers and I went to a different school every grade year), parents can't maintain a stable job, and life just sucks.  The Covid_19 pandemic took the entire world by a storm, but most importantly it threatening an already weak housing system. I believe in self sufficiency. I know that people want stability, but a disparity in information makes this impossible. I vow to keep you informed about this housing crises, but more importantly with your help, I vow to fight these pending evictions and foreclosures.   Sign the Petition and Stand With Me. Together We Can Make A Change. There Are More of Us, We Are the People in We The People.  Follow me on Facebook Background Renters Make up 36% of the United States. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, millions of Families are unemployed. According to the recently release report from the US Department of Labor, there are 32,003,330 unemployment claims since June 27th, 2020. Report Here According to Rentcafe  in 2018 there were over 100.8 million renters in the United States.  The Cares Act Eviction Moratorium is ending July 24, 2020. However, this moratorium only covered Federally back mortgages, and HUD subsidized programs. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association only 4.2 million mortgages are in forbearance.  These are the property that are backed by the Cares Act Moratorium.  This means millions of renters are still facing pending evictions. Each State enacted their own moratorium because the Cares Act didn't cover all units. Now each state has a moratorium that is ending at different times.  WE NEED TO STOP THESE EVICTIONS. WE NEED A BLANKET SOLUTION. APARTMENT AND HOUSING RENTALS FOUNDATION HAVE A SOLUTION, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. OUR ORGANIZATION HAS BEEN PREVENTING EVICTIONS FOR OVER 6 YEARS.  TO THE RENTERS You are not alone. Together we can stop these evictions and come up with a way to stop the bleeding. We need your signatures to Make This Happen. Some states are having eviction proceedings over the phone. We have to stop these evictions now! STOP THE EVICTIONS NOW!!! TO THE HOMEOWNERS Foreclosures are evictions. Let's stop these foreclosures due to tax payments and mortgage payments. If renters make up 36% of the United States, that means Homeowners make up 64%. As we mentioned above, there are 4.2 million mortgages in forbearance. That does not include the homeowners who were not able to pay taxes. WE MUST UNITE TO STOP THESE EVICTIONS NOW. YOU SIGNING THIS PETITION WILL LET YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS THAT WE ARE NOT TAKING THIS LYING DOWN.

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