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Antoine Deltour is the chief whistleblower in the Luxleaks, which has revealed in November 2014 a huge system of tax-saving maneuvers created by dozens of big international companies. At present he is being sued by the Luxembourg justice. He accepts responsibility for having copied hundreds of “tax rulings” or tax deals negotiated by the Luxembourg tax authorities on behalf of international companies. Hundreds of billions of euros are vanishing from these companies ‘home countries’ or other places in which they actually operate. These huge sums of money are actually being transferred to countries that allow many of them to slash their global tax bills, notably Luxembourg. The magnitude of these aggressive tax schemes had never been brought to light until now, and has never before been so precisely delineated. No one expected the revelations to have such an impact. By bringing the tax rulings matter as far as the worldwide governing authorities, such as the G20 or the European Community, they encouraged the development of new policies that will gradually lead to a better fiscal justice. Antoine Deltour acted in a completely disinterested manner, without any malicious intent. His goal was never to make money out of the information he found. He only wanted to encourage a public debate on ethically reprehensible practices. His civic act falls within a wide movement driven by many citizens, small business owners, other whistleblowers, trade unions, NGOs, journalists, political parties and even international organizations, all of them determined to act against the lack of transparency in offshore finance and in favor of more social justice. We, the undersigned, fully support Antoine Deltour. How disinterested his approach has been and how huge the benefits can be for the European citizens as well as for the States themselves, seem to us totally contradictory to the idea that he might be sentenced. Finally, it is important to mention that in many countries all over the world, Antoine’s approach would be subjected to protection instead of penalty.   Many organizations and personalities have already expressed their support, join them ! Contribute to Antoine's defense funding on the website of the support committee. To follow us and share information about supporting Antoine, like the Facebook page Support Antoine and follow the twitter handle @support_antoine.   Image: "Taxes" by Jason Dirk, lincensed under CC-BY_SA

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