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Promoting respect and compassion for animals in Florida has been the mission of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) since 1989.

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Orlando Solar Bears: End partnership with cruel greyhound racing industry

In October 2016, the Orlando Solar Bears professional hockey team announced that Sanford Orlando Kennel Club was an "official partner." The Solar Bears management has said that they will review all corporate partnerships at the end of the year. Help us persuade the Solar Bears not to continue its association with the cruel greyhound racing industry. Sanford Orlando Kennel Club is a low end track where dogs are sent when they are no longer able to compete elsewhere. The track has a poor record. At Sanford Orlando Kennel Club, hundreds of greyhounds are confined in small cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for up to 23 hours each day. Over the past three years 33 greyhounds have died at Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. Catastrophic injuries have been documented at the track, including dogs who suffered skull fractures and dogs who were electrocuted. Over the past decade there have been five severe cases of animal cruelty at Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. Dogs have been found in filthy conditions, multiple dogs have been forced to live in small cages, and injured dogs have been denied veterinary care. In September 2015, a greyhound at the track tested positive for cocaine. Please write to Michael Kalinich, the Orlando Solar Bears' Senior VP of Corporate Partnerships.

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Petitioning Sally Lieb, Park Manager

State of Florida: Let the Silver River monkeys live!

For over 70 years, rhesus monkeys have lived along the banks of the Silver River and Oklawaha River in North Central Florida. The monkeys were introduced into the area by a tour boat operator in the 1930s. Spotting the monkeys can be a highlight of canoe trips in the Silver Springs State Park. The monkeys have lived a peaceful existence in the wild, but the State of Florida considers them to be "nonnative" and allows trapping of monkeys. Between 1998-2012, approx. 800 monkeys were trapped and removed from the area and sold to research and testing laboratories. Photo of monkeys at Silver Springs State Park, by Ann E. Hamilton

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