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Advocate for Animal Rights in RomaniaFighting for the punishment of all those who commit crimes against animals, regardless of their social status.

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    Petitioning Mr. Klaus Iohannis - President of Romania, Mr. Claudiu Serban - Prefect of Bacau County, Mr. Vasile Oprisan - Chief Commissioner Bacau County Police, , Mr. Viorel Ilie - Mayor of Moinesti, Mrs. Car...

    Mr. President close the shelter in Moinesti-Bacau. Mr. Mayor of Moinesti-resign,now.

    Mr. President of Romania, Klauss Iohannis Mr. President of ANSVSA All Romanian authorities mentioned above  Domnule Presedinte al Romaniei, Klauss Iohannis Domnule Presedinte al ANSVSAAutoritatilor Romane mentionate We, the signatories of this petition, citizens from all over the world, are again outraged by the inconceivable horror seen in the public shelter from Moinesti, Bacau County , Romania, broadcasted by Romanian Tv News networks. Noi, semnatarii acestei petitii, cetateni din intreaga lumea, suntem din nou socati de imaginile ingrozitoare , difuzate de televiziuni din Romania, din adapostul public din Moinesti, judetul Bacau. The way animals are being treated in Romania, especially the stray dogs, is already known around the world, and the fact that not one single day passes without news about the tortures, the beatings, the mutilations and the death they are victims at the hands of individuals has brought a very dark light on the image of Romania. Romania's reputation has also been tarnished by the say stray dogs are being treated in most public shelters in Romania, way too many times with the tacit approval of mayors, the elected officials. Felul in care sunt tratate animalele in Romania, in special cainii fara stapan si faptul ca nu trece o zi fara cazuri de tortura, mutilate, bataie si chiar omor, in mainile unor cetateni ai Romaniei, a pus Romania intr-un con de umbra. Reputatia Romaniei a fost stirbita si de felul in care sunt tratati cainii fara stapan in adaposturile publice, de cele mai multe ori cu aprobarea tacita a primarilor. Based on what the witnesses claimed on Romanian TV about the situation in Moinesti, it is beyond our understanding how an elected official, a Mayor can totally ignore the Romanian legislation in force,and make his own laws, and ban the access in the shelter. We would like to remind the Mayor of Moinesti, Mr. Viorel Ilie, the FACT that the law 258/2013 stipulates very clearly that public shelters MUST be open to the public, every working day of the week. Avand in vedere cele declarate de martori, in emisiunile despre adapostul din Moinesti, la Televiziunile din Romania, nu putem intelege cum un primar poate sa ignore total legile in vigoare in Romania si sa faca el legi noi. Dorim sa-i reamintim Dlui Viorel Ilie, Primarul din Moinesti ca legea 258/2013 stipuleaza foarte clar ca publicul are acces in adapost in fiecare zi lucratoare din saptamana 3. Articolul 2 se modifica si va avea urmatorul cuprins:(5) Programul de lucru in relatiile cu publicul al adaposturilor pentru cainii fara stapan, va fi zilnic, de luni pana vineri, in intervalul orar 10,00 – 18,00." We ask Mr. Viorel Ilie - mayor of Moinesti to immediately resign. Cerem demisia imediata a primarului din Moinesti  We, the signatories of the petition kindly ask you mr. President to immediately order the closure of the public shelter in Moinesti and the punishment of all individuals, regardless of their public position, involved in the illegal actions which obviously led to the atrocities suffered by those dogs. In the same time, we would like you to order ANSVSA ( Romanian NAtional Sanitary-veterinary Authority ) to send all its inspectors in all public shelters in Romania, to verify the way their OWN norms and regulations are being implemented, without any advanced notice.Noi, semnatarii acestei petitii, va rugam, Domnule Presedinte sa ordonati, de urgenta, inchiderea adapostului public, pentru animale fara stapan din Moinesti si pedepsirea tuturor celor implicati in actiuni ilegale care au dus la atrocitatile suferite de animale, indiferent de pozitia lor sociala . Va rugam in acelasi timp sa ordonati ANSVSA sa-si trimitati toti inspectorii in toate adaposturile publice din Romania, pentru a verifica felul in care legile, normele si regulamentele create de insasi ANSVSA, sunt puse in aplicare. By refusing to investigate and to punish those who tortured dogs in the public shelter in Moinesti, romanian authorities will only show their unwillingness to apply the laws in force in Romania.Refuzul autoritatilor romane de a investiga si a pedepsi pe toti cei care au supus animalele la tortura in adapostul public din Moinesti nu ar putea insemna decat faptul ca nu se doreste aplicarea legilor in vigoare in Romania. We do hope that,this time justice for the animals will prevail, but until then we will avoid Romania as a tourist destination.Speram ca de data asta sa se faca dreptate pentru animale, dar, pana atunci, vom evita Romania ca destinatie turistica.   Thank you Multumim

    Animals Rights Activists Romania
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    Petitioning Ioan-Marcu Tamas, Cosmin Valentin Pribag, Adrian Tilea, Gheorghe Ban, Director Gheorghe Ban, Adriana Barbu, Prosecutor, Judge Nicoleta Ghiciulescu

    Jail time for those who shot dogs in Arad County Romania-Pedeapsa cu inchisoare

    NOTE: the men in the photo are the shepherds  We ask the Romanian authorities to punish at the full extend of all Romanian laws the individuals who attacked a sheep pen and shot dead dogs in Sintea Mare - Arad County , in the middle of the night, also threatening the shepherd living nearby to kill him if he does not call the dogs so they can shoot them all. The charges against them MUST include the "intentional killing of an animal" law 9/2008 - Art.6 paragraph 2 letter "a".The complete story is in the article posted below. Cerem autoritatilor romane sa pedepseasca in modul cel mai sever, ( cu inchisoare )conform legilor in vigoare , inclusiv legea 205/2004/9/2008  pentru protectia animalelor ( Art.6 alin 2, litera "a" - omorul cu intentie al unui animal ) pe acei indivizi care s-au nasputit noaptea la o stana din Sintea Mare, omorand un caine, amenintant si terorizand paznicul. Informatia completa se afla in articolul de mai jos Needless to say that Romania MUST start to SEND to jail those who commit acts of cruelty towards animals, and the refuse to do so, will only reflect the unwillingness of the authorities to apply a law in force at its fullest. This is unacceptable in a State of Law, a democratic country in the 21st century, a country member of the EU.  Nu cred ca ar mai trebui sa spunem ca Romania TREBUIE sa inceapa sa trimita la puscarie pe cei care comit acte de cruzime asupra animalelor pentruca refuzul autoritatilor de a  o face nu duce decat la a demonstra ca nu se doreste aplicarea unei legi in forta in totalitatea ei. Acest refuz este inacceptabil pentru un Stat de Drept, o tara democratica, in secolul 21, tara membra UE.   Based on the fact that Local Police have already identified the perpetrators :  Cristian Chișmorie and Mihai Gagu we ask you to punish them in the MOST severe way based on all the Romanian laws they broke. These individual MUST go to JAIL. http: Avand in vedere faptul ca infractorii au fost identificati : Cristian Chismorie si Mihai Gagu , cerem aplicarea celor mai severe pedepse , INCHISOARE, conform tuturor legilor in vigoare incalcate de acestia.   Thank You. Multumim  

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    Petitioning Mr.Gabriel Bacinschi

    Please do not evict the Association " Prietenii Animalelor" private shelter. Va rugam sa NU evacuati adapostul Asociatiei " Prietenii Animalelor"

    We are asking Focsani, Romania, City Hall to at least postpone the eviction of the private shelter for stray dogs, belonging to the Association " Prietenii Animalelor" . The situation is very critical, it is Winter and the new shelter the Association struggle to finish still needs a lot of work to be done. In the middle of Winter, it is beyond CRUEL and INHUMANE to force the association to relocate the dogs, in a place were they can not live yet. The City Hall threatened to send the bulldozers to demolish the shelter they have now and the dog catchers to take all their dogs and place them in the city's public shelter, where definitively they will be killed....We can not lets this happen and we ask for at least a reprieve, until the weather will allow them to finish the new location.  Cerem Primariei din Focsani , cel putin sa amane evacuarea actualului adapost al Asociatiei " Prietenii Animalelor" . Situatia este foarte critica, este iarna, si noul adapost nu este gata din cauza vremii si a lipsei de fonduri. Este inuman sa fie fortati sa mute cainii, in mijlocul iernii, intr-un loc unde nu au inca toate conditiile de viata. Primaria Focsani ameninta cu trimiterea buldozerelor sa demoleze adapostul actual si a hingherilor sa le ia toti cainii, sa-i duca in adapostul public, si eventual sa-i omoare. Nu putem accepta aceasta situatie si de aceea cerem Primariei Focsani sa amane evacuarea pana cand vremea va permite asociatiei sa termine toate lucrarile necesare la noul adapost pentru a muta cainii. The petitioner's text which will be received by the authorities mentioned above Domnule Primar Decebal Gabriel BacinschiDomnilor Vice-Primari Marius-Eusebiu Iorga si Gabriel-Ionel Necula Mr. Mayor Decebal Gabriel BacinschiMr. Deputy-Mayors Marius-Eusebiu Iorga si Gabriel-Ionel Necula Noi, semnatarii acestei petitii va rugam sa aveti bunavointa de a amana cu cel putin o luna de zile, evacuarea adapostului Asociatiei Prietenii Animalelor, aflat in prezent pe strada Tisa. Va rugam sa le acordati mai mult timp sa amenajeze noul adapost in Golesti si sa poata transfera si caza cainii in conditii umane. We, the signatories of this petition, kindly ask you to postpone for at least one months, the eviction of the dogs from the Dog Shelter belonging to the Association "Prietenii Animalelor", now on Tisa Street Focsani. We ask you to give them a bit more time to finish their new shelter in Golesti, so they can transport and keep the dogs in humane conditions. Consideram ca amenintarea cu trimiterea hingherilor si a buldozerele nu constituie actiuni democratice si nici umane, si speram ca veti lua hotararea necesara pentru imaginea Romaniei, a Municipiului Focsani si a dumneavoastra personal nu numai in Europa, dar si in intreaga lume. We consider that threatening to send the dog catchers and the bulldozers does not constitute democratic or humane actions and we hope that you will make the necessary decision for the sake of the image of Romania, Focsani and yourself, not only in Europe, but in the entire world. Credem ca a venit momentul ca Romania sa arate lumii ca isi schimba atitudinea fata de animale si fata de detinatorii si protectorii acestora. We think that the time has come for Romania to show the world that authorities will change their attitude towards animals, their owners and their protectors. Consideram ca ar fi bine ca toti edilii Romaniei sa urmeze exemplul de demnitate, umanitate, compasiune si progres moral pe care il impune noul Presedinte. We consider that all elected officials in Romania should follow the exemple of dignity, humanity, compassion and moral progress imposed by the newly elected President. Insistam in rugamintea noastra de a amana cu cel putin o luna de zile evacuarea actualului adapost de caini al Asociatiei " Prietenii Animalelor" din Focsani. We insist in our request that you postpone, for at least one months the eviction of the actual shelter for dogs, on Tisa street, and give more time to the association to prepare the new shelter. Multumim Thank you.    

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