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Harris Farm Market - Stop the Sale of Tinder Creek Ducks

In October 2012 Animal Liberation received footage taken from Tinder Creek Duck farms showing filthy conditions, animals with their heads twisted around, and in various stages of disease progression. A veterinary report explained the ducks were suffering from a disease outbreak caused by bad husbandry practices. In November 2013 Animal Liberation received similar footage from the same facility. Now, in August 2015, more footage shows the same conditions are still occurring. Animal Liberation alerted animal welfare authorities, the DPI and the Food Authority on each occasion but it appears that the disease and welfare issues have continued regardless. Enough is enough. Please cease stocking Tinder Creek Ducks. 

Animal Liberation
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Petitioning Mr Julian Polachek

Origin Energy and Imparja: Stop sponsoring goat racing events

Over the last few years, Animal Liberation investigators have witnessed one of the cruelest animal abusing ‘sports’ in Australia: wild goat racing. Frightened goats are captured, auctioned, harassed and distressed, dragged across a raceway and harnessed to a cart. Children as young as 4 years old are encouraged to be ‘jockeys’ and sometimes heavy adults ride the goats creating a large weight disparity for the animal. The goats and riders are released, and chaos occurs. Children are thrown off carts while frightened goats collapse onto the ground. Goats crash head first into fences, some goats bleed, some goats knocking themselves unconscious, while children lay on the ground in a foetal position attempting to tend to their injuries. Roma goat races in QLD ran only two races last year as sponsors had threatened to pull out if the goat races continued. However, this year the goat races are back on and sponsors are still supporting the event.

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