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We are a very active group of dedicated grassroots volunteers who do letter-writing campaigns, demonstrations and informational tabling in Westchester County and surrounding areas, for the purpose of educating and raising public awareness to the suffering of animals; and the benefits of a vegetarian diet for health and for the environment. We also do a lot of media contact and outreach. Adjunct: Westchester4Geese

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Petitioning GOVERNOR CUOMO, John Flanagan, Carl Heastie

DEC Must Allow Non-Hunters to Serve on their Advisory Board

​Astonishing fact: The purpose of the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation advisory board is to make recommendations to state agencies on state government plans, policies, and programs affecting fish and wildlife​; and un​der current law you must be a licensed hunter to serve on this board - for an agency ​created ​"to protect New York State's wild animal populations​."​​​ This outrageous ​requirement must change! "At the time of designation, board members must hold a valid New York state hunting, fishing or trapping license andhave held one three years prior." Senator Tony Avella​ has introduced bill​ S33​2​7/ A6519 which ​mandates non-hunters be allowed to serve on the DEC advisory board; it states​: ​The purpose of the board is to make recommendations to state agencies on  policies and programs affecting wildlife. These​ goals can be more adequately met by making the mandatory hunting license requirement discretionary,  diversifying the board with designees of experience beyond the scope of hunting. Please Sign this petition now to change this awful law This law as it stands guarantees a deadly outcome for wildlife.     ​T​he people who kill for ​fun and ​sport are the only decision makers, all others are barred -  ​the fox is​ guarding​ the hen house.  The public assumes those in charge are 'experts' ​and t​he 'conservation' aspect of the DEC has been totally obliterated.  Wildlife 'management' has been a​n unmitigated disaster​ for wildli​fe  - including the proposed killing of all swans in NYS! The DEC​ ​permits Wildlife Service's massive slaughters of wildlife without​ notification​: Millions of birds, deer, bear are victims...​​ deadly taxpayer-subsidized​ wildlife killings  are​ provid​ed​ for private businesses such as golf courses, farms and racetracks,. ​​ ​ WS has advised officials the only 'really effective way to manage​​ animals​'​ was with lethal means...which were then handled humanely after our alternative input.​ ​​ ​ DEC sponsors and encourages 'youth hunts' of turkey, squirrels, etc using taxpayer funds...despite the fact that statistics indicate children who harm animals are more likely to commit crimes as adults​​.​ They sponsor hunter training programs - and ​are "running a private hunting business on taxpayer money" ​ Airports follow WS slaughter recommendations in lockstep - despite effective, less costly options that are humane and endorsed by Miracle on the Hudson's Capt Sullenberger, who favors methods like avian radar and drones used successfully elsewhere. At the same time the DEC has outrageously gutted the ability of wildlife rehabilitators to care for wildlife, leading them to file suit against the DEC​:​  Th​is law is potentially unconstitutional ​and unjustifiable​; ​ it discriminates against people protective of wildlife who don't hold a license to kill​.​ ​A blatantly biased law like this would never be passed for people; ​please ​stand up for wildlife by supporting ​bill ​ ​S33​2​7/ A6519​. Send emails in support to Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie - Speaker@​  For more information visit Animal Defenders of Westchester:  On Facebook: Thank you for helping those who cannot speak for themselves

Animal Defenders of Westchester
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Petitioning John Baker

Teatown, Westchester County - Stop hunting programs in Nature Preserve, County Parks

This petition is in response to Teatown Nature Preserve's plan to kill its deer residents while deliberately avoiding non-lethal, humane methods.  We are including Westchester County's hunting programs in county parks. Teatown is a nature 'preserve;' for them to conduct a deer slaughter is completely contrary to the concept and spirt of the word 'preserve.' Teatown has several programs specifically directed at teaching children about nature - a secretive nighttime slaughter only teaches children how tobe bullies and kill your way out of a supposed problem.  Teatown has a million-dollar budget and many influential corporate sponsors, including Pepsico, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft;  they have ample funding to institute a birth control program as has been done in Hastings, NY and Fire Island - a program they are fully aware of but simply chose to ignore, making a scurrilous and arbitrary choice to kill them instead, the least ethical, least responsible choice a 'preserve' could make. Encouraged by the DEC, which will gladly kill any bird or animal if the correct amount of money is provided, this slaughter was never discussed with members and donors, many of whom have commented on their unhappiness with it: 'What an antithesis of the mission statement of a nature preserve! For years myself and so many others have supported Teatown-No more!'   'As a supporter of Teatown for nearly 30 years, I am stunned and disappointed by their decision as to how to address the deer "problem". Somehow , I fail to understand and resent the fact that my donations and fees are being used to kill rather than preserve our wildlife...I'm sure that ,morally, whatever expense , for deer "birth control", would be approved by the many Teatown supporters. Possibly, until the birth control methods yield it's desired results, a program of ,at least minimal, food maintainence could be provided. We must realize that the deer were here long before we were, as were their natural preditors, since we have eliminated their preditors, and reduced their natural habitat, we, morally, should not assume the roll of their preditor but employ a more humane resolution to the problem that we have caused.' 'Leave the deer alone. Spend, spend, spend. Teatown asks for donations all of the time, no more now.' The fact is, according to several studies, deer kills do not keep numbers down. When deer numbers are reduced after killing programs, the remaining females will often respond by giving birth to twins or triplets.  Fawns also have highter survival rates and earlier onset of sexual maturity. Please sign this petition and circulate it to as many people as you can, asking Teatown to cancel their needless, cruel and dangerous slaughter, and utilize only humane, non-lethal methods as befitting an organization of its stated mission. Wildlife is being scapegoated and brutalized all over the country; it is unacceptable to perform such outrageous killing at a 'nature preserve' as well. Here of all places we should be creating a model for peaceful co-existence with wildlife.   Another article about this controversy, with an excellent, compassionate and intelligent video on the birth control effort elsewhere:  The author states, 'Some of the deer will be shot dead. Others will likely suffer excruciating wounds. Bellowing in agony, they would flee their tormentors, wind up on up on the lawns of homes in the vicinity of Teatown where they could suffer slow death. Impressionable children could be exposed to these horrific sights.'   Thank you for your concern and your help!

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