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    Include Public Financing For Elections in the New York State Budget!

    Money is the single most corrosive influence in our political process. We need to pass public financing of our elections so we can put VOTERS, not DONORS, first. We need to get the big money out, and we have an incredible opportunity to pass it this year.  Show your support for public financing of state elections by signing this petition! According to the Brooklyn Reader, "In the 2018 election, the top 100 donors gave more than the bottom 137,000 donors combined, and small donations amounted to only five percent of total donations." The current system is broken, favoring special interests, but YOU can help change that. A Brennan Center Report found that as a result of public financing of elections, "candidates without connections to big donors can still raise money and compete. This means a far more diverse pool of candidates for office. In fact, numerous candidates for city office have used small donations from average constituents to defeat opponents funded by big donors. A statewide public financing could have the same effect on Albany." We know that public financing works and already have it in parts of New York -- why shouldn't we have it for the whole state? We need to lead the country and work to empower voters and our community, not the big pocket donors that want to control this state. That's why we need your help. Please sign this petition, share it, and show your support for public financing!

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