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Petitioning Peter Dutton

Welcome refugees that Trump won't

President Trump’s Executive Order has shirked US responsibility to protect men, women and children seeking safety. He's announced a complete ban on Syrian refugees and an indefinite ban on others fleeing danger and more than halved the number of refugees able to start a new life in the US. The US government has decided not to pull its weight and take on its share of the global responsibility to protect people in danger. We are calling on countries around the world including Australia to step up and share responsibility where President Trump won’t. While it’s promising that Australia offers safety to 13,750 people each year, we have the ability to open our arms to more. Sign the petition and call on Minister Dutton to increase the refugee program to 30,000 people who need our help each year. Image caption: First Syrian family welcomed to Toronto. Credit: Dom’s World.

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Petitioning The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau

Tell Canada to honour it's treaty with Indigenous people

It’s been over 100 years since Helen Knott’s great-great grandfather signed a treaty with the government of Canada to protect his people’s way of life. Instead of honouring that promise, the government has authorized a massive hydro-electric dam that threatens Indigenous cultures and ways of life in the Peace River Valley, British Columbia. Indigenous peoples in the region have already lost much of their land to oil and gas drilling. If the multi-billion dollar Site C dam goes ahead, they will lose one of the last areas where they still hunt, fish and carry out sacred ceremonies. The government approved the dam, despite finding that it would cause permanent harm to Indigenous peoples in the area. Now, Indigenous peoples from the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations have gone to court, insisting that the Canadian government stand by the treaty promise made over a century ago, and stop building Site C. The court case has yet to be decided, but the hydroelectric company has begun clearing the valley anyway. “This is my home. This is where I want to raise my children and my grandchildren,” says Indigenous rights activist Helen Knott. “What will we have left?” Tell Canada to halt the Site C dam.

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Petitioning Minister Bekir Bozdağ

She speaks out, now they want her silenced

Lawyer and former newspaper editor Eren Keskin has been a vocal critic of the Turkish state for decades. A speech she made 11 years ago has angered the authorities. In it, she accused the state of “slaughtering a 12-year-old child”:  Uğur Kaymaz. To Eren, the 2004 killing of this boy by the army is one of many stains on Turkey’s history – a history she says the authorities need to be held accountable for. For this and articles published in a Kurdish newspaper she edited, she has been repeatedly charged with insulting the Turkish state and the President. Eren has been hauled before the courts more than 100 times because of her outspoken stand on the plight of Turkey’s Kurdish minority. In 1995, she spent six months in jail simply for using the word “Kurdistan” in an article. The sheer volume of cases against her are nothing short of harassment. Eren’s only crime has been to speak out against injustice. And time is running out for her. More trials mean she could be jailed at any time, for a long time. Tell Turkey not to jail Erin.

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Petitioning Minister of Interior Carlos Perú

She is defying one of the world’s biggest gold mines 

Máxima Acuña refuses to back down. Yanacocha, one of the world’s biggest gold and copper mines, wants to throw her off her own land. But she’s not going anywhere.  A peasant farmer in Peru, Máxima has braved daily harassment from Yanacocha’s armed security guards. They are waging a war of intimidation, surrounding her house and watching her every move.   Máxima has been fighting off the mining company since 2011, when they claimed she was squatting on her own land. In the years that followed, police descended on her small farm and beat her and her daughter unconscious. They knocked down her home twice. The mine even built a fence around her property.  A lengthy legal battle saw Máxima first stripped of, and then returned, her land. But the mining company has since challenged the court’s decision.  Still Máxima will not give up. “I will never kneel before Yanacocha,” she says. Her bravery has won her the 2016 Goldman Prize, the world’s most respected environmental award. Community members look to her as a leading land rights defender – and have banded together to protect her. We must, too: Máxima could be evicted any day.   Stand with Máxima - tell Peru to protect her from being forced off her land.  

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Petitioning President of the Republic of Cameroon

Student facing 20 years jail...for an SMS

Fomusoh Ivo Feh had a bright future ahead of him. He was just about to start university in Cameroon, where he lives. But an SMS message changed everything. One day, Ivo received a text message from a friend, saying: “Boko Haram recruits young people from 14 years old and above. Conditions for recruitment: 4 subjects at GCE, including religion”. His friend’s message was a comment on how difficult it is to find a good job without being highly qualified – joking that even Boko Haram (an armed group) won’t take you unless you’ve passed five high school subjects. Ivo forwarded the message to a friend, who sent it to a friend in secondary school. A teacher saw the text, having confiscated the phone, and showed it to the police. Ivo, his friend and the young student were all arrested sometime between September and December 2014. The charges against them include trying to organize a rebellion against the state. Right now, they are in prison facing a trial in a military court and a 20-year prison sentence. Demand that Cameroon drop all charges against Ivo and let him go.

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Petitioning President Malawi

Stop the ritual murders of children with albinism

Ritual killings are on the rise in Malawi, in Africa. People with the genetic condition albinism, particularly kids, are at grave risk of being hunted for their bones, which are then sold for ritual uses. Tell the President of Malawi to offer urgent and effective protection for people with albinism.

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