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Amnesty International Canada is a part of the global movement of more than 3 million people dedicated to defending those who are denied justice, freedom and human rights.

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Petitioning Secretary General of the United Nations

United Nations: Stop the killing in Syria

Government forces and armed groups are bombing civilians, committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. And six years into the conflict, civilians remain at dire risk. Join our urgent call on the UN to ensure those responsible for war crimes in the Syrian conflict will be brought to justice. The demand for justice is increasingly urgent: the beginning of April saw the deadliest chemical attack in Syria since September 2013, killing dozens of men, women and children. And now the conflict has escalated with US airstrikes. The crisis in Syria has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands and led millions of people – more than half the population -- to flee their homes, either abroad or within Syria. The people responsible for these atrocities remain out of the reach of justice, and civilians continue to suffer every day. It is time to deliver reparation for victims and their families, and ensure that war crimes and crimes against humanity do not go unpunished. In December 2016, the UN General Assembly agreed to a new mechanism aimed at investigating crimes committed in the Syrian conflict. It’s time to put that opportunity for justice into action. Call on the UN to ensure that an impartial and independent investigation in Syria happens now, so that those who are suspected of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity are brought to justice in the future.

Amnesty International Canada
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Petitioning Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Canada: Don't Abandon Refugees at Risk in the U.S.

Executive orders being signed in the United States are violating the human rights of refugees. Hundreds, if not thousands of people continue to be at risk of being arrested and detained by immigration authorities, merely for seeking asylum.The Canada-U.S. ‘Safe Third Country Agreement’ means that most asylum seekers in the U.S. must make their refugee claim there, instead of in Canada. The agreement is based on the assumption that the U.S. is a “safe” country. The United States is no longer a safe country for refugees.Canada must act now to protect refugees at risk in the United States. Join our call on the Canadian government to immediately rescind the ‘Safe Third Country Agreement’ with the U.S. so that refugees who turn to Canada for protection are able to do so.President Trump’s executive orders blatantly violate international refugee and human rights legal obligations, including under the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention against Torture. Two of the executive orders include calls for a new regime of large-scale detention, expanded expedited removal without due process, deputizing of state and local officials to detain individuals suspected of immigration violations, and aggressive criminal prosecution for unauthorized entry, a means by which many seek access to asylum protection.The orders will curtail asylum seekers’ ability to meaningfully pursue refugee claims, and greatly increase the risk that individuals with viable refugee claims will be deported to countries where they face persecution.Amid a global emergency in which 21 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution, the move by one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful countries to block off the avenue of resettlement and potentially criminalize people for seeking asylum is nothing short of appalling. Canada cannot wait to see how things continue to develop. Canada must immediately rescind designation of the United States as a “safe third country” and give refugees an opportunity to seek asylum in Canada.

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