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The urgent need for a nation-wide mother organization for the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted to find sanctuary, support and relief lead to the genesis of American Justice Alliance in 2017. Our primary purpose is to ensure a fair trial for every defendant in a criminal case, without which "justice for all" would ring hollow. In instances where due process was clearly violated and where evidence of factual innocence was not presented to the jury/adjudicators (sometimes due to "newly discovered", but in some instances, as a result of it being withheld by some malicious police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling. Our purpose is especially critical for those of minority ethnicity, race, religions and specialty groups of immigrant“foreign” origin, being demonized and subsequently punished, not for what they may or may not have done, but for what they believe in & look like; based on where they come from and how they may not fit in to the current majority popular lifestyle. The contributing organizations and individuals that formed this Alliance are in a sense, modern revolutionaries, who had the reality check of living in a post September 11, 2001 America where stereotypes and escalating aggressions against "foreigners" had become dangerously desensitized as "normal"; hate crimes have been on the rise. To make matters worse, in several circumstances, police and prosecutors entrusted to protect and serve have been infected with similar or worse biases, employing racist, religious, nationalistic tactics to accomplish ill begotten and sometimes outright wrongful convictions. The concerns of [un]equal protection of the law and abuse of power by law enforcement are unfortunately, justified. The twofold solution lies within our unity, awareness and strategic affirmative actions to defend the innocent and hold the abusers of power accountable. Meaning, neither is law enforcement themselves, above the law, nor does "Justice for all" have exceptions based on race, religion or lifestyle. Black,White AND Brown lives matter unilaterally. As seen from the recent paradigm shift whereby technology and whistleblowers have boldly exposed the epidemic pattern of abuse of power by police and prosecutors led legislatures to take a game-changing step in September 2016 by passing the California Assembly Bill 1909, making it a felony crime punishable by prison time for police and prosecutors for tampering and destructing favorable evidence; use of falsities and other misconduct. Also in California, the recent exonerations of Brian Banks, convicted of "rape" and sentenced to life in prison, until the accuser recanted a decade later( and Susan Mele, convicted of murder and exonerated 17 years later ( are tragic but ultimately are the few "lucky ones". Even these inspiring examples unfortunately reveals the extraordinary delays, lapse of resources and technical limitations (for example the Innocence Project handles only "DNA" involved cases almost exclusively) that can cause the innocent to suffer further. Our Alliance was sparked by the ongoing unbearable miscarriage of justice saga in People V Alexander #BA327190/(Fn1) who's Writ of Habeas Corpus, based on multiple compelling grounds ( including such outrageous Police & Prosecutorial misconduct that the trial court itself warned of a "mistrial" and even post trial expressed how "troubled" it was; "not happy with the way the [prosecutors] handled this case"; Ineffective assistance of defense attorneys (disturbing failure to investigate due to conflicts of interest) & newly discovered evidence of factual innocence - was supported an Amicus letter (PDF ) filed in the California Supreme Court by American Justice Alliance counsel Corey Parker, emphasizing the intolerable racial inflammatory tactics and unprecedented juror misconduct. Instead of fact finding investigations, corrupt police and overzealous prosecutors, spearheaded by the Beverly Hills Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney's office (already notorious for their long history of misconduct and racial prejudice) abused their power to cover-up the conspiracy, the motives, false evidence and they went so far as to go on a racial-religious-cultural assassination rampage to secure a high-profile conviction at any cost and by any means california/Alongside the avalanche of sexual misconduct & assault allegations that have rocked virtually high profile industry and politics, there are false allegations as well, as seen from cases like Anand Jon and Brian Banks(Fn2) To compound the prejudice, a sitting Juror was so profoundly influenced by the racially inflammatory tactics employed by the prosecution, that he went on to break the law, improperly sought out and considered racial, religious and cultural extrinsic information to convict Mr Alexander. As a result of that tainted trial, rampant with due process violations, racism false and at best, unreliable "evidence", Mr Alexander has been incarcerated for almost 11 years, suffering a draconian 59 years to life sentence. Our Alliance is more than just another organization but rather a long overdue grassroots movement that is hands-on, passionate about truth and justice, growing exponentially in different regions where it is needed most: such as California, New York and Texas. The team includes an expert legal committee, board of advisors and devoted members that are mostly volunteers- intimately involved and equipped to overcome the challenges ahead. To be part of our family for fighting for justice please get involved, volunteer and donate generously. Contact: [1] Mr. Anand Jon was an Award winning rising star in the fashion world who was highlighted in Newsweek magazines "Who's next in 2007?", appeared as a celebrity designer on major TV shows like "America's Next Top Model" and had just launched his Wall Street funded "Jeanisis" jeans when he was arrested ( [2] The unequal protection and/or selective prosecution is also evident when comparing the same police/ prosecutors handling of the recent avalanche of serious allegations against the numerous highprofile individuals (who give solemn public apology campaigns, check into “rehab” and at worst get fired). Law enforcement is apparently taking months and years investigating, following procedure, audio video recording interviews prior to (if at all any) arrests or indictments may be made. In dire contrast, Mr. Alexander was arrested in less than 24 hours of the allegations (despite the "rape kit" being negative; the accuser's State of Mind being unreliable at best; not having a single percipient witness corroborating her version) having no audio on video recordings of any witnesses in the case. Multiple indictments (via a secret grand jury) followed with an astronomical $2.1 million bail imposed and securing "convictions" through a charade of a trial (where virtually all favorable evidence was withheld and instead a slew of false evidence was introduced). “If a few Innocent men get wrongfully accused that’s the price they are willing to pay… The risk of a false accusations… whether for personal vindictive reasons or for political strategic reasons a women will falsely accused of high-profile men of misconduct, the story will get attention… could quickly become a vendetta in which a lot of men are implicated and punished”. Katty Kay December 1st 2017 It's not just popular documentaries like "Making of a murderer" or "Dream Killer"(Ryan Ferguson exonerated after almost a decade, documenting the decay of due process but American Bar Association and Harvard studies that is exposing the harsh reality of the proverbial "fox guarding the Henhouse" contagion ; criminal justice system cannot be relied upon where they was false evidence & perjury. There has surfaced evidence ( including what was withheld by the Beverly Hills police) of "sexual chats" and salacious photos, emails from the accusers (to Anand Jon), that clearly showed they lied under oath of this being "a strictly professional relationship". Notably, charges were dropped against the New York Police Commissioner's son Greg Kelly a TV newsman after "flirtatious" text messages with the accuser was revealed" not everyone accused of a sex crime is guilty. Not every accuser is telling the truth...Sexual harassment should be taken seriously but not to the level of a Witch Hunt, should not regenerate to Revenge" says Tucker Carlson, Fox News anchor who was falsely accused of rape.