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Tell Lawmakers to Increase Access to Vital Stroke Care

It might seem like something out of the future, but a neurologist miles away can now virtually diagnose and prescribe care for stroke patients via stroke telemedicine or telestroke. Telestroke can help ensure that more stroke patients receive clot-busting therapy and that they receive it more quickly, greatly improving the chances of a full recovery. But this vital technology is not available to everyone. Medicare only pays for the telestroke evaluation if the stroke patient is located in a rural area. With over 90% of strokes happening in urban or suburban areas, current law can restrict patient access to telestroke care. However, there is a bill in Congress called the FAST (Furthering Access to Stroke Telemedicine) Act (HR. 2799/ S. 1465). This bill would expand Medicare’s coverage of telestroke services by reimbursing for a telestroke consultation, regardless of where the patient lives. Join us and tell your lawmakers to cosponsor this bill today!

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Tell Congress: No More Delays on the Child Nutrition Act

UPDATE 12/02/10: The House voted in favor of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, ushering in school lunch reform. The move came after more than 15,000 members signed a petition supporting the Child Nutrition Act and more than 1,000 members urged Congress to reform school lunch without cutting future funds to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), aka food stamps.  While the bill still includes SNAP cuts, President Obama and Congressional leaders have promised to fix these reductions. Read the full story here. With the growing threat of childhood obesity and related problems, we are long overdue for a re-vamp of our school nutrition programs. To make these improvements, Congress must reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act this year, yet they continue to delay moving forward with the bill.  We must tell Congress that our kids deserve better.  Failing to act this year would mean increases in funding for school meals will again be delayed, and the USDA will remain powerless to require junk foods be taken out of vending machines and snack shops in schools. Help us send a strong message to Congress that the health of our kids must be a priority!  No more delays on the Child Nutrition Act reauthorization.

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