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    Facilitate the Mass Emigration of Gazan Residents

    Facts about the Israeli-Gaza Conflict  1.8 million civilians live in the Gaza strip in an area just 365 km² (141 mi²).   Gaza is under the control of the murderous and oppressive Hamas regime since 2007.  The Hamas regime has consistently exploited both international and Israeli humanitarian aid for terror activity like building tunnels and buying rockets and arms. Gazan poverty is at 80%, unemployment is at 55%, while average salaries are around just $200 per week.  In 2018  Hamas fired 1,000 rockets into Israel and over 700 thus far in 2019, giving Israel no choice but the respond forcefully. Due to the extremely high-density population of the strip and Hamas policies to use human shields, Gazan civilians are often harmed and killed during Israeli self-defense counter attacks.  The situation is untenable, and a permanent and humane solution must be found to solve the conflict. Gazans will never realize their fantasy of "returning" to villages of their ancestors destroyed in the 1948 War. Overcrowding in Gaza will only worsen with time.  Hamas and other Jihadist groups will never abandon their mission to "drive the Jews into the sea." Israel will never cease to defend its people.  We the undersigned, call upon the member states of the UN, EU, League of Arab Nations, along with the United States to immediately facilitate the mass-emigration of the Gazan population to countries of their choice for a peaceful and economically sound future.  

    Committee for Gazan Emigration
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