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As the Amazon basin is increasingly subjected to industrial natural resource extraction, its rainforests and indigenous peoples are in ever greater need of our support.

Oil and gas drilling, logging, poaching, road-building, damming and mining all have highly destructive impacts on the region?s precious ecosystems and the indigenous communities that have lived in harmony with its rainforests for millennia. Amazon Watch works to prevent these impacts and, when impossible to stop, to minimize them.

We do this in two ways: 1. By positively influencing the policies and practices of companies currently or potentially operating in the Amazon and the public sector banks that finance them; and 2. By empowering indigenous communities confronting industrial ?development? projects on their ancestral territories.

Amazon Watch uses a range of tactics including media outreach, direct dialogue with corporate and development bank management, mobilizing shareholder pressure, legal and media capacity-building among indigenous communities, monitoring, documenting and publicizing the negative impacts of specific projects, and calling for the establishment of rainforest reserves to protect the Amazon?s biodiversity and rainforest communities.

In this age of global climate change, fueled in part by the deforestation of the Amazon, we believe these indigenous communities are providing a service for all humanity. We are honored and humbled to partner with them.

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