Allergy Advocacy Association

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The Allergy Advocacy Association is dedicated to helping in the prevention of anaphylaxis thru AWARENESS, ALERTNESS & ACTION. * The mission of our association is to help inform, educate and raise awareness of the public at large and at-risk individuals to allergies and anaphylaxis. * Anaphylaxis is a potentially dangerous allergic reaction that might threaten a person’s life. Anyone can become a victim of anaphylaxis after they have been exposed once before to any particular allergen. Any subsequent exposure can be dangerous. * Our association will act as a web-based clearing-house for information on the dangers of untreated allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. * We will act as an open public forum for new ideas and the latest innovations for treatment of these illnesses. * We will seek a leadership role in shaping the direction of public advocacy on related issues and initiatives in the fields of medicine, treatment and legislation. Our vision? “Not another life lost to life-threatening allergies.”

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