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    Punish the sex offender(s) @ SRM

    ProblemThe following message about serious sex offenses at the SRM Deemmed university, Chennai is spreading in social media."........Dear sir, A garbage man employed by the hostel masturbated in front of a 2nd year girl inside the M block hostel lifts at 3 pm on the 22nd of November which was immediately reported by the girl at the reception. She checked the CCTV footage and the man was identified by her. She was also told to stay mum about the matter and not publicise it by the hostel management.However, despite this being a criminal offence, the police has still not been notified about the event. It is the belief of all the girls in the hostel that the management is responsible to file an FIR against said man. This event has taken place in the daylight inside the hostel so in light of the events that have taken place today, we need to ask you certain questions, if the campus is unsafe after 6:30 after which we are not allowed to leave the hostel premises, what are the measures that are being taken to ensure our security? When arguing with the warden, the management had funny responses to our rightful protest like : a) this happened because you're a North Indian studying in a South Indian college b) girls in this hostel smoke and drink so they can't be arguing with the management regarding their own safety I hope you take immediate action against the injustice that has been caused. I got this message from SRM university student. They ask media help......"The incident is said to have taken place around 3 pm in one of the blocks in the girls' hostel. The victim got into the elevator to reach the sixth floor when the worker pressed the button to the top-most floor. As soon as she walked into the lift, the worker unzipped his pants and stimulated himself in front of her. He blocked her way when she tried to get off on to the next floor. He let her go, only when she kept screaming, said a student, as published in the new Indian Express.The problems are:(1) Serious sexual offences had been committed at SRM campus against an innocent girl student. An attempted rape had taken place. Luckily the inocent victim had escaped.(2) The students had identified the accused who is presently safeguarded by the SRM management. Will in public any such sex offender will be left scot-free? Why SRM managemnt is doing that shameful thing?(3) SRM management had further harassed the innocent girl students by sexist remarks and frantically try to cover up the matter. Why the senior professors support an attempt rape to anyone who is not so different from their own daughter? Will you support a sexual harassment on your daughter to safeguard your job at SRM? What humans are you people?SolutionThe SRM managemnt should produce the accused to the Police and FIR should be loged in relevant sections in presence of students.The SRM management should ask for unconditional apology in an open press meet for their offenses: trying to cover up the incident and making sexist remarks on students. Failing which they should be dealt with law.Personal storyMyself K.M.Karthik is the Founder of all India Private Colleges Employees Union (the AIPCEU) and we the AIPCEU as a teacher forum with 20,000 engineering teachers as members nationwide, fight the atrocities against teachers and students at Private college/ universities managing trusts. Our recent fights were against the SNS College-Coimbatore's sexual harassments, Rowdyism at CSI College-Ooty, Forcing suicide of Professor at Sree Sastha College-Chennai, and so on....

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    Ban the fake educationists

    Ban the sur names ‘Educationist, Kalvi Thanthai, etc.,’ for individuals other than great leaders of the nation 19 Aug, 2018 Most respected Journalists, Media and Press Persons, Today the engineering admissions all over the nation had slowed down of whose news you are bringing before the public of this great nation. We the teaching community of the nation found a horrible mistake being committed often. Lakhs of well qualified and eligible professors are being ignored while gathering comments and some businessmen who created a new sur name for them as 'so called educationists' are found to provide you with altered information which are often found to largely deviate from the exact truth. The 'so called educationists' happen to be the agents working for profit and education-as-business. Either they conduct their own business such as 'large scale coaching centers, admission consultancy, career consultancy, paid stage appearances for motivational speeches, large scale tuition centers and others', or work for the profits of private institutions as middlemen. These 'so called educationists' work for two motives. One is heavy earnings and profit for their own education-based business. Other is more admissions and craze towards admissions for the 'Tier-I' (well performing) private colleges to boost their income. The term 'educationist' was once used for great leaders. When the innocent public comprising of parents with much less exposure to engineering education, watches or reads the opinions of these 'so called educationists', people tend to be cheated by the name 'educationist'. People are conceiving a high regard for the 'so-called educationists' and remain ignorant about the million dollar business conglomerates these 'so-called educationists' own by themself or support for their personal gain. Hence on behalf of more than a million of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the private colleges and on behalf of the crores of students, we request you the dignified journalist community: to eliminate the inappropriate usage of the word 'educationists' or ‘Kalvi thanthai (Tamil)’ or anything similar. Instead to reveal the transparency we would like you to use the exact and appropriate term for these people: ‘private college/school owner’, 'coaching centre owner', 'motivational speaker', 'career consultancy owner', etc., We would also like to recommend their blog, fb page, twitter account or website when you display their names. It is also a disrespect to the great leaders of the nation who worked for the development of the literacy and knowledge base of the nation, if some x,y,z businessmen in education are called 'educationists'. As you all are well aware that we the teachers who once made you what you are now, and who are involved in developing your children for the future, never had used the term 'educationists' for us. Let us be transparent in our news and public opinion. Jai hind! K.M.Karthik Author of T Rex: Teacher is the King Founder of AIPCEU President of PEIEA      

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    Petitioning Chief Minister of maharastra, The Governor of Maharastra

    Remove the education minister of Maharastra

    Remove the higher education minister Mr.Vinod Sridhar Tawde: a request the hon’ble CM of Maharastra  Date: 19th June 2018                                                                                                                                                                              To, The Honourable Chief Minister of Maharastra   Sir,                  Sub: Demanding removal of the education minister Shri.Vinod Tawde – Reg.                    Ref: (i) 10,000 Professors terminated in last three months – Pune, Nagpur alone                        (ii) No digitalization of salary resulting in embezzlement                        (iii) No digitalization of inspection - Payscale norms never followed by colleges    Maharastra the state with second most number of engineering colleges is facing a system crisis, employment crisis, teacher crisis and subsequently will face education crisis, social & economic development crisis. The AICTE 1:20 ruling and mismanagement of the central and state higher education regulatory and statutory bodies had thrust this grave danger to the state. The sinhgad institutes professors showdown had been witnessed throughout the nation and still the education minister is enjoying his office without feeling guilt. Plenty of profesors have lost job because of the SPPU & DTE of maharastra had just allowed the AICTE 1:20 ratio without any concern. A part of the result is what you see in the ‘subject’ of this petition. India being a democratic country the elected representatives should be for the welfare of the people. Being the education minister we do not find any actions taken by Mr.Vinod Tawade and hence we the common people, educated people and educating people had decided to pass a resolution demanding his removal from office. Hope as our Chief Minister you will serve the people and do the needful by replacing him with a truly performing education minister.                                                                                                                       Thanking you                                                                                                                             Yours sincerely                             The Professors of Maharastra   N.B: This form will be put to vote in and we request you to consider the online signatures as the support for this petition

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    Politicians should not own schools/ colleges

    Politicians should not own schools/ colleges Looking at the news that a politician who own and manage an engineering college in the name of a trust had demanded cut & share in the professors’ salary for celebrating his birthday. The principal of the college had given a circular to deduct half a day of the salary of the professors. The news was published yesterday in newspapers and circulating in social media. This pathetic treatment of teachers in this society had come out because of the illiterate and corrupted politicians owning colleges in the name of trusts. Why Teachers should not govern colleges?? (Non inclusion of the Cooperative Societies Act by AICTE & similar bodies) The regulatory bodies are corporate friendly. They facilitate the norms to operate private colleges/ schools by money barons, politicians but not by the cooperative society of teachers. Indian Trusts Act 1882 is an outdated act and as per the act: a trust can be formed with as minimum of two individuals. Such a trust is allowed to start and operate colleges. But the whole of the professors of a college, under the provisions of the Cooperative Societies Act of 1912 cannot govern the colleges. The MHRD, UGC, AICTE, DoTEs, state and central universities do not allow institutions under their purview to be operated by the teachers. Instead their provisions are limited to societies, trusts and companies governing the colleges. Who own colleges? Political families or Teachers’ Union? Almost 90% colleges are run by families of politicians directly or indirectly in the name of charitable trusts or education societies. The so called ‘Self financing’ institutions are legally expected to self finance their education services. But what happens in reality is: showing bogus accounts balance sheets, and looting the money from students’ fee, government funds and staffs salary. Harassments faced by Teachers in Schools/ Colleges: The professors/ teachers face various harassments in the hands of these college-owning politicians. The harassments include and not limited to: Nonpayment of salary as per state/ central norms -- Nonpayment of salaries for many continuous months/ years -- Nonpayment of PF’s employer contribution -- Nonpayment of Gratuity -- No maternal leave. Removing pregnant ladies from job -- Nonpayment for notice period when the trust of college terminates teachers/ staff -- Heavy ransom demand as notice period money, in case the teacher/ staff resigns -- Holding all the degree certificates of teachers -- Unlimited workloads -- Showing fake individuals as teachers on the particular day of inspection and therefore not possessing exact student staff ratio -- Forcing the staff to canvass and to bring students for admissions – cutting the holidays, forcing to work in national/ state holidays -- Sudden and reckless terminations of teachers. Bank frauds are also done by politician-owned colleges. Teachers receive sms as salary credited. But when they go to ATM/ counter there is no money in their account -- Deducting loss of pay and non sanction of on-duty for university activities such as examination invigilations, paper corrections, laboratory examiner duties -- Repeatedly evaluating the teachers and burdening them with accreditation work, cultural work and extra classes -- Blaming that, the teachers as the one and only reasons for poor results and unemployment of graduates -- Assault, manhandling, threat and intimidation of staff -- Demanding teachers to take attendances for students in buses, and to be an unpaid warden for hostels -- Name calling of staff -- Misusing security guards for intimidating teachers -- Misuse of physical education staff as henchmen -- Some trustees or principals are harassing women staff by various means -- Most importantly the colleges owned by politicians pay a big amount of formal salary through bank, but later grab the 50% of the amount from the professors ‘by-hand’. This terminology colloquially called ‘cash-back’ is particularly prevalent in politicians owned colleges. Students’ rights violated: Right to education includes education under a nominal and reasonable fee. But in reality, students face lot of hardships in the institutes governed by Politicians. The politically affiliated trustees demand unbilled fee from students. Such colleges receive the complete government funds and spend only a trifling amount in running cost of laboratories, hostels, computer softwares, building, library, electrical and furniture maintenances. A huge amount is collected as fine from students. These fine amounts are collected every semester and mostly teachers are made to collect and pay to the managements and in turn the managements pay the teachers from this fine amount itself. Colleges collect unbilled fee in the names of freshers day, graduation day, caution deposit, seminar and even industrial visits/ tours. Tour operators pay commission to the college trustees in the total money collected from students for few day compulsory visits/ tours. Sub-standard life for students: In the name of hostels students are confined inside dormitories. Dormitories are not the place where the natural learning instincts would propagate. Hostels are filled with leaking roofs, water shortages, frequent power cuts, pests and rodents presence. In such goonda colleges, the food served remains substandard. Stories of students cooking in the mess for themselves, unavailability of groceries, three meals of only idlies for a week and others are becoming common. Poor sanitary and water shortages leave the hostel students cut the first hour classes and news about students striking in the hostel are increasing. Not to tell about libraries. They are only for display. Trustees assaulting students: Everyone knows that, in colleges professors never touch any student. On the contrary even in colleges and even in professional engineering colleges, politically supported trustees use their cabin like a police investigation room. Whenever called to that room students develop fear. Students are manhandled by trustees, their henchmen who will be in the attire of non-teaching/ teaching staff, physical education teachers and security guards. Students face administrative vengeance: Not allowing the ‘complaining students’ from appearing in semester exams, failing them in laboratories and holding their educational certificates, are routine malpractices in the colleges governed by trustees with politics as their background. Hoarding Black Money: These money earned by force from students and staff are directly pocketed as black money. The accounts balance sheets of trustees show that the teachers are paid by norms. But in reality the teachers are paid about one fourth of the norms or even less. If we could calculate and cumulate the total money earned by the all the trusts in these manners by the last 15 years, then that would account to a few lakhs crores. Luxury Car Parades: In most colleges there are restrictions to students not to bring their two wheelers inside the campus. But no single college or school has restriction for a trustee. About one in three trustees own imported luxury cars. These cars will be kept for display, washed and cleaned before the eyes of the staff and students. The trustee will show his illiterate pride by riding this car inside the campus. The illiterate trustees believe this is a mark of superiority and they believe in this way they can create inferiority and fear in the mind of professors and students. But the actual money for the cars came through cheating and looting the staff and students. Remedy: Allow Teachers/ Professors to own and govern private schools/ colleges. The managements are only involved in getting ransom money from students and distributing a meager amount to teachers. It is only the teaching and non-teaching staffs, who really operate and maintain the educational institutions. At least one third of the colleges in this nation should be governed by cooperative societies which is a much democratic and social manner of governance in education sector. When such institutions are run by teachers their motive will not be money but service at a nominal fee. The fee of students will reduce, facilities and quality of education will grow and these institutions will become the much preferred institutions among aspiring students. At this juncture when the MHRD had scrapped the plan to form HEERA and empower UGC, AICTE: issuing rights, provisions, subsidies, support and encouragement to institutions run by teachers alone will be the opt decision. And that decision will make India, the best nation for learning & education. Politicians should be exempted from being a trustee in any educational institution. Being in a trust/ society of an educational institution should be considered as holding an office of profit and hence the person should be disqualified to contest elections. Yours truly, K.M.Karthik Founder All India Private Colleges Employees Union (AIPCEU) -- An union in making with a present strength of 10,000 professors—

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