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    Petitioning Prime Minister of India

    Digitalize student fees and staff salaries @ every private school & college

    25/Jan/2018 To: The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Sir, On behalf of the 50 lakhs Teachers, Professors and non-teaching staff and several crores of students in the private educational institutions throughout this great nation, I represent their fundamental right of economic freedom before you. Teaching fraternity and student community of this nation are suffering severe economic abuses at the hands of private education institutions. Right from delayed payment of salaries to non-payment of PF amounts, the harassments faced by private college and school teachers are enormous. Similarly students face variety of unbilled fees collected from them by their educational institutions. I hence humbly request you to digitalise the salaries of teaching  non-teaching staff members as well as the tuition fees of students, through electronic payments and receipts at nationalized banks. Nearly 90% of the private educational institutions do not follow proper faculty cadre ratios. Also 99% of these institutions violate UGC/government norms in staff salaries. Hence I humbly request you to digitalize the inspection methods in colleges/schools by using the yearly salary paid statement as the base to find the true appointment, employment and salary payment of a staff member by all the private educational institutions of India. Digital India can be a reality only with common peoples’ fundamental right of salary/education fee being consciously monitored by fool-proof mechanisms to ensure their economic independence. It is also a means by which hoarding black money can be stopped, and money flow in the society can prevail. Almost half of India may be benefited by your stern decision. The nation is expecting your needful action.   Thanking you K.M.Karthik

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    Petitioning The Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri.Narendra Modi ji, The Minister of HRD, The Chariman / The Vice Chairman / The Member Secretary

    AICTE should withdraw 1:20 Faculty Student Ratio (FSR)

    Date: 16/12/2017 To,             Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri.Narendra Modi ji,             Prime Minister's Office,             South Block, Raisina Hill,             New Delhi-110011   Most respected sir, Sub:   (1) AICTE's necessity to withdraw the 1:20 Faculty cadre ratio           (2) Private Colleges & Schools need labour unions for employees – Reg.   Ref:    (1) AICTE’s Approval Process Handbook for 2018-19 published on 15/12/2017 [  (2) Honourable Supreme Court’s Judgement in W.P.(C).573 of 2017, Dt.31/07/2017 [   We (AIPCEU – All India Private Colleges Employees Union) are an ‘online community’ desirous of starting a new federation of labour union for the teachers, professors and other employees (Non-teaching) of Private Educational Institutions all over India. I am the founder of this community, and also I am the petitioner in the PIL (W.P.(C) No.573/2017) filed in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The supreme court in its judgement dated 31/07/2017 had directed AICTE saying “…….The AICTE shall treat the same as a representation, and shall take a conscious decision in respect of issues canvassed, and take such remedial action, as may be called for, in consonance with law……..”  (The Judgement is available in Ref.2). The petition (PIL) speaks about the economic harassments and other cruelties faced by professors in Private Engineering colleges.   AICTE had not cared for the Hon’ble court’s judgement and in the meantime had introduced change in the faculty cadre ratio as 1:20 which shall further demolish the main ‘infrastructure of human resource’ in engineering and technical education of India. The change in ratio from 1:15 to 1:20 means that, students far outnumber the professors. This ratio is an open consent of the AICTE, by which about one lakh of qualified Engineering Professors (all of them are post graduates in Engineering / Sciences & Humanities) working under the existing 1:15 ratio, shall be removed from their present employments in private/self financing engineering colleges all over India.   We the Staff members (Teaching & Non Teaching) and the Students of Private Engineering Colleges humbly request you to dismiss the AICTE’s proposed Faculty-cadre ratio of 1:20 and retain the earlier 1:15 ratio itself. This we request in the name of preserving the engineering education for the entire nation. For such a large nation with a population of 130 crores, it is totally absurd for AICTE to change the ratio from 1:15 to 1:20. Countries all over the world are aiming at reducing the ratio (increasing the staff members strength) since the ratio is said to be the foremost factor in deciding the quality of education from elementary schools to post doctoral levels.   As per the statistics of AICTE itself, there are 15 lakhs engineers coming out of the 3000 odd private/self financing engineering institutions In India. Because of this new ratio, lakhs of students will face the consequences of staff deprivation while undergoing their curriculum. On the other hand existing staff may be threatened to work for less salary, if otherwise they may be removed just like their pals who were sent out on the context of change in the faculty-cadre ratio. Ultimately nation will lose its greatest wealth of technically qualified human resource along with mass unemployment of M.E/M.Tech/Ph.D/M.Ed /M.Phil degree holders who have ample experience in Teaching.   We also request the provisions of “The Trade Unions Act 1926” to be made available for all the Teachers/Professors (Teaching & Non-Teaching) working in Private Educational Institutions (colleges/ Schools/Others) throughout the country. Separate national level welfare boards (or directorates) are also needed for Private school employees and private college employees to look in to our grievances and support us. Presently teaching community is at the mercy of God.   Expecting your needful intervention and solution. Hope we receive this generosity from your high offices at the earliest. Thanking you !   Yours Truly K.M.Karthik (Founder – AIPCEU)

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