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Save Five Arabs im Iran from the imminent execution Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations The Supreme Court has confirmed the death sentence of Five Ahwazi Arabs political detainees who were arrested in 2011. They charged with "enemy with God"(Moharebeh), corruption on earth and activities against national security. 1. Mohammad Ali Amouri 35 years old teacher, single, an engineer graduate, cultural, blogger and member of " Al- Hewar " cultural organization in Khalafia (Ramshir) which means the dialogue and he was founder of " Al-Torath" magazine which means the Heritage which was published at the University of Isfahan. He was recognized as a political refugee in Iraq by United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iraq but he was captured in 2007 by the Iraqi authorities and he was sentenced for five years in prison in Iraq for illegally entering the country but after a few years of prison in Iraq he was handed over to the Iranian government on 13-01-2011 2. Hashem Shaabani(31 years old), married with one child, teacher of Arabic language, masters degree of political science from Ahwaz University, and an Arabic and Farsi poet, blogger, and cultural civil activist. member of " Al- Hewar " cultural organization . 3. Hadi Rashedi (37 years old), single, teacher of chemistry, member of “Al-Hewar” organization. 4. Jaber al-Boushokeh(28 years old) with one daughter, married, cultural activist. 5. Mokhtar al-Boushokeh single (25 year old), bachelor of computer science. Islamic revolutionary court of Ahwaz have been sentenced the five political Ahwazis for death sentence although they all have denied the confession of their charges and they said that all the confessions were forcibly taken with nine months of psychological and physical torture.but the Supreme Court in Tehran has confirmed the death sentence of them . We urge you to intervene with the Iranian authorities to stop the execution and the restructuring of a fair trial.

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