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The African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental development organization established in Nigeria in 1999 to mobilize resources and to promote and support sustainable youth empowerment and rural development initiatives in Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to cost-effectively empower young people; women and children choose a better future for themselves within a society that enables positive social changes through facilitating sustainable youth and rural development initiatives.

Our Vision

In AFRYDEF, we envision a society where children, youths and women are viewed as assets and resources, and thus encouraged to develop their full potentials.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives include:

i.) To contribute to the alleviation of poverty through providing access to formal education and skills training.
ii.) To strengthen the capacities of primary health care facilities in community health care, HIV/AIDS prevention, counseling and testing.
iii.) To promote structures, systems and processes that lead to the equitable distribution of resources for accelerated development in the rural areas.
iv.) To strengthen the capacities of community-based organizations and the civil society in peace building, conflict resolution and development cooperation.
v.) To build local capacities for rescue and early response at incidences of epidemic and humanitarian crises.
vi.) To source and share knowledge and know-how in the field of youth and rural development, with the major aims of informing and influencing public policies and local practice.

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