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The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents childhood trauma through public policy and public education. Traumatised children lead shorter sicker lives. Fortunately, a lot is known about preventing childhood trauma. And that is what we do at the Stop Abuse Campaign.

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Ban Child Sex Dolls

Right now, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and neighbors, in every town in America, can purchase lifelike, anatomically correct dolls designed to simulate sex with a child. And it’s perfectly legal. These sick dolls are being imported into the United States and other countries. British police have seized more than 100 already in the UK, and authorities have found that the people buying them usually have child pornography too. Sign this petition to ban the sale and distribution of child sex dolls! These child sex dolls can normalize a pedophile’s behaviors, emboldening them to harm children, as is often the case with those who view child pornography. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 children are sexually abused. One child is too many. Our elected officials need to protect children. That’s why Congressman Dan Donovan from New York is introducing legislation that will ban the distribution and sale of dolls that encourage child abuse. Show your support for this legislation by signing this petition, and help protect America’s children!

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Help me protect my child from the man who tried to kill me

A judge tells a woman she is going to have to co parent with the man who tried to kill her. Experts say “this child was sexually abused.” The court awards the abuser custody.  A judge acknowledges that a father abused a child, but says that the mother's attempt to save the child is worse, so the abusive father is given custody. It sounds impossible, but it happens every day. Every year, 58,000 good, protective parents find themselves either coparenting or losing custody to a dangerous parent. 58,000 children every year sentenced to unimaginable suffering. Federal Resolution H. Con 72 will help fix this, by recommending states adopt a “health and safety” standard, which leaves no room for tolerating abuse, and that courts have a minimal understanding of domestic violence and child abuse. Stand up for 58,000 children today and sign this petition because one child is too many.  

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Help Us Protect Your Confidential Information

A frivolous lawsuit is putting our supporters confidential information at risk. The Stop Abuse Campaign is committed to protecting your data and identity in the face of a frivolous lawsuit brought by Gary Greenberg, an investor with ties to casinos in the Albany area. Greenberg is suing the Campaign for $25,000 in order to force the organization to share its email list of abuse victims. The Stop Abuse Campaign has well established strict policies protecting the confidential data entrusted to it by supporters, many of you survivors of childhood trauma. Greenberg, the founder of the Fighting For Children PAC, claims he is entitled to the email addresses of the 70,000 people who have signed a Stop Abuse Campaign petition supporting the Child Victims Act, an act to protect children from sexual abuse. Greenberg’s political action committee has launched disturbing and aggressive tactics to damage the Stop Abuse Campaign’s efforts to protect our supporters’ data. Many of our supporters are survivors of horrible abuse, including childhood sexual abuse. As survivors ourselves, we know how important privacy is and we will not breach our supporters’ trust. In 11 years we have never been closer to passing the Child Victims Act and we will not let this delay us from our efforts to pass the Act. The next generation of children are counting on us to prevent this baseless lawsuit. The Child Victims Act will eliminate the statute of limitations in New York. We have 70,000 signatures to date, the petition in support of The Child Victims act is a powerful demonstration directing our elected officials to protect children from the trauma of abuse. That is why people signed it. They did not sign it with the intention of having their email addresses shared with Mr. Greenberg, or anyone else. We have been trying to resolve this issue without the court; however, Mr. Greenberg seems insistent on putting our small not-for-profit that protects children from abuse out of business in order to get what he wants. When you support this petition will send Mr Greenberg an email with your request that he not bankrupt the Stop Abuse Campaign with this vexatious lawsuit. Please sign the petition now.  

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Senator Scarnati your prayers aren’t enough! Protect Pennsylvania children from sex abuse

We all know what happens when a child is sexually abused, right? They tell someone who believes them. That person calls the police. There is an investigation and a trial. It’s a long and stressful ordeal, but the bad guy goes to prison and the child experiences justice. Right? Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Researchers know survivors need, on average, 21 years to talk about their abuse. And most states, like Pennsylvania, have Statutes of Limitation (SOL) on the crime that keep most victims out of court and keep most abusers on the streets, around kids. It has to stop. And removing the SOL and allowing adult victims one year to seek convictions in civil court is a crucial first step. Please, sign this petition to tell our elected officials to end PA’s SOL for child sexual abuse and allow one year for retroactive justice.  

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Sign this petition. Protect 43,000 kids from sexual abuse

Do you worry about sex offenders teaching your children? Or coaching them? Or working in a daycare? Most people think sex offender registries and convictions protect their kids The problem is that 9 out of 10 sex offenders never get convicted, and never appear on sex abuse registries. Our criminal justice system fails victims, and statutes of limitation (SOL) on the child sex abuse keep most victims from pressing charges shortly after their 18th birthday. Researchers now know it takes victims, on average, 21 years to disclose their abuse. New York’s SOL on child sexual abuse bars most victims from the court on their 23rd birthday, which ensures most sex offenders stay off registries and around kids. The Child Victims Act lengthens New York’s SOL for this crime and gives older victims a chance to press charges in civil court. It’s a way to identify the predators who are lurking around children. Please, sign this petition and protect children from sexual abuse.

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Prevent Child Abuse and Murder

We hear the stories every day; children killed or tortured by their family. It’s heartbreaking. It’s so easy to turn away. But the saddest thing is that many of these tragedies can be prevented by existing programs. When a new parent is paired with a trained professional who regularly comes to the family home and supports, guides and teaches them about parenting, amazing things happen. Families break the cycle of poverty and violence. Children succeed in school. And child abuse is prevented. These programs, called Maternal Home Visiting programs, have 40 years worth of data proving they work. But they’re available to 10% or less of the families that need for them. That’s unacceptable. One child is too many. Our children deserve better. But they won’t get it unless we demand it. So please, sign this petition and let your voice be heard.  

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