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The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents Adverse Childhood Experiences through public policy and public education. The US chooses to spend huge sums of money dealing with the consequences of abuse, but the ACE research proves that abuse cannot be undone. Fortunately, a lot is known about preventing abuse. And preventing abuse is what we do at the Stop Abuse Campaign.

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Petitioning Andrew Cuomo, New York State Senate, New York State House

Tell Governor Cuomo To Protect Children From Sex Abuse Not The Predators Who Prey On Them.

Help me protect children and not the sex abusers who prey on them. My name is Melanie Blow and I know a dangerous sex offender who is still out there, sexually abusing children. There is nothing I can do to stop him. And it’s killing me.I know my father is dangerous because he raped me when I was 13. But I didn’t realize quite how dangerous he was until I met some of his other victims. And by that time, I was over the age of 23 and had no right to press charges against him, because of New York’s Statute of Limitations on the crime.When I was 24, I learned that he had sexually abused a little girl. I called the police, told them he had abused me too, and they said it didn’t matter. The Statute of Limitations had closed for what he did to me.A few years later, I learned that he had abused yet another girl. I learned where he went to meet kids, the kinds of kids he was interested in, and how well he got along with their parents. I told all this to the police. But there isn’t much they can do with the information. Once again, I told them that he raped me. And once again, I was told “there’s nothing we can do”.Statute of Limitations reform isn’t about vengeance. It isn’t about adults fabricating claims against a church or school for a quick buck. It’s about ensuring that police and courts have the tools they need respond to every survivor’s story. Because when they can respond to an adult survivor’s abuse, they can protect today’s children.Sign my petition. Tell New York’s Governor Cuomo to pass the Omnibus Child Victims Act, which will eliminate the Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse. Because no victim deserves to have a police officer say “there’s nothing I can do." And because no child deserves to be sexually abused.

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Petitioning Connecticut Governor

Make the health and safety of children the priority of Connecticut's family courts.

According to the CDC's ACE study witnessing domestic violence traumatizes children. In 2014 over 46,000 Connecticut residents asked for assistance with an abusive relationship. In 2015, seventeen residents lost their lives to abuse. Nationally 58,000 dangerous abusers are given unsupervised visitation or custody with their children every year, and when there are allegations of sexual abuse, the alleged abuser is granted custody 85% of the time. In a recent two year period 175 children were murdered by abusive fathers involved in contested custody cases, often with the inadequately trained court professionals helping them to gain access to their children. Connecticut has an unprecedented opportunity to become a state where abuse is prevented, not tolerated. Because no child needs to experience witnessing domestic violence. Because no child deserves abuse. Because children deserve to be protected from trauma.  Act now, sign and share the petition, protect Connecticut's children from court mandated abuse. And if you want to help protect kids in other states, click here

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Petitioning Andrew Cuomo

Stop our children from being abused and murdered

My great grandson, Eain Brooks, was only 5 years old on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 when Matthew Kuzdal, his mother's 26 year old boyfriend, murdered him after sexually abusing him. You can never fill the hole in your heart left by the loss, especially the murder, of an innocent child. It's worse when that child is one of your own. Eain was one of ten children to be murdered in Erie County in the last three years. And in the two years since Eain was murdered, Child Protective Services have confirmed another 7,500 children have survived abuse in the county.  One child is one too many, especially when the CDC's Adverse Childhood Experiences study proves all child abuse is a matter of life and death. The reason so many children are dieing and being abused is child protection budgets are woefully low meaning caseworkers have too many cases to investigate. Since Eain died they have invested in more CPS case workers but not in actually preventing children being abused. A report to CPS (child protection services) is too late. It means a child is already abused. We should prevent child abuse so they don't have to investigate so much of it. Abuse can't be undone. Abused children live shorter, sicker lives and contribute less to society. Their minds, souls and bodies forever scarred by betrayal and fear. CPS keep most abused kids alive, but kids deserve more. They deserve not to be abused at all. If you agree we should prevent children from being abused rather than just waiting till they are then join me in calling on Governor Cuomo to provide the funding.  Help me make sure Eain and all the other children did not die in vain. Thank you. I'm Eain's Great Grandmother Carolyn Spring and I started Eain's Echo when Eain was murdered. We work with the Stop Abuse Campaign to prevent abuse and neglect.

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