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The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents childhood trauma through public policy and public education. Traumatised children lead shorter sicker lives. Fortunately, a lot is known about preventing childhood trauma. And that is what we do at the Stop Abuse Campaign.

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Protect New York's children from their abusers

Every day, a parent harms a child after being awarded custody or unsupervised visitation by a family court judge. Countless abusers use custody exchanges as an opportunity to intimidate and terrify the partner who left them. And all too often, these stories of abuse end with an abuser murdering a child. Kyra Franchetti was one of those children. Her mother believed her father was going to hurt her, but a judge didn’t. Kyra’s mother was right. Jacqueline Franchetti is striving to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Please help us ensure New York protects children from court-ordered abuse and murder.  Kyra’s Law will make the health and safety of children the first priority. It will keep courts from assuming a safe parent is alienating a child simply because they don’t want to be with them. It will prevent children from being removed from the custody of the parent the child prefers if that parent is the safe parent. It will ensure more training for judges about recognizing domestic and child abuse. It will provide early evidentiary hearings limited to abuse issues if there are allegations of domestic violence. And the costs of supervision and evaluations will be paid by the abuser. This bill will be a huge victory for children and domestic violence victims in New York when they pass. And that’s where you come in. Please start by signing this petition to tell our legislators you want the family court to protect children. Thank you for caring about children and domestic violence victims.If you live in New York State click here to send an email to your NYS Senator and Assemblyperson. We'll do all the work. Read more about the Family Court Custody Crisis Read more about Kyra's Law Read more about Adverse Childhood Experiences

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Pass Kayden's Law before another child is murdered in Pennsylvania.

On August 6, 2018, seven-year-old Kayden Mancuso was murdered by her father.  Kayden’s death was preventable. Her mother knew that Kayden’s father was violent and unhinged, and she knew that Kayden didn’t feel safe around him. Domestic violence experts know that it is often the most dangerous abusers who use custody courts to manipulate their victims into staying or punish them for leaving. Despite all the warnings, a judge made a legal decision to allow Kayden’s father to spend unsupervised time with her. And Kayden’s father used that time alone to murder her. We know he wanted to punish Kayden's mother because he left a note to say so. Every year, dozens of children are killed under similar, preventable circumstances. Tens of thousands more subjected to predictable abuse and trauma The judicial system responded defensively to the tragedy and the judge blamed both parents for the father’s sadistic crime. The Stop Abuse Campaign crafted Kayden’s Law with Kayden’s family, Child USA, interested legislators, and the governor's office [SB868 and HB1587]. It will protect hundreds of children from sexual abuse, physical abuse and witnessing domestic violence every year. And it will be the best way to honor a special girl and force something good out of such a despicable crime.  Sign this petition. Tell Pennsylvania’s leaders to pass Kayden’s law.   Find the Stop Abuse Campaign's other petitions. More information on the custody crisis in our family courts

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Help Us Protect Your Confidential Information

A frivolous lawsuit is putting our supporters confidential information at risk. The Stop Abuse Campaign is committed to protecting your data and identity in the face of a frivolous lawsuit brought by Gary Greenberg, an investor with ties to casinos in the Albany area. Greenberg is suing the Campaign for $25,000 in order to force the organization to share its email list of abuse victims. The Stop Abuse Campaign has well established strict policies protecting the confidential data entrusted to it by supporters, many of you survivors of childhood trauma. Greenberg, the founder of the Fighting For Children PAC, claims he is entitled to the email addresses of the 70,000 people who have signed a Stop Abuse Campaign petition supporting the Child Victims Act, an act to protect children from sexual abuse. Greenberg’s political action committee has launched disturbing and aggressive tactics to damage the Stop Abuse Campaign’s efforts to protect our supporters’ data. Many of our supporters are survivors of horrible abuse, including childhood sexual abuse. As survivors ourselves, we know how important privacy is and we will not breach our supporters’ trust. In 11 years we have never been closer to passing the Child Victims Act and we will not let this delay us from our efforts to pass the Act. The next generation of children are counting on us to prevent this baseless lawsuit. The Child Victims Act will eliminate the statute of limitations in New York. We have 70,000 signatures to date, the petition in support of The Child Victims act is a powerful demonstration directing our elected officials to protect children from the trauma of abuse. That is why people signed it. They did not sign it with the intention of having their email addresses shared with Mr. Greenberg, or anyone else. We have been trying to resolve this issue without the court; however, Mr. Greenberg seems insistent on putting our small not-for-profit that protects children from abuse out of business in order to get what he wants. When you support this petition will send Mr Greenberg an email with your request that he not bankrupt the Stop Abuse Campaign with this vexatious lawsuit. Please sign the petition now.  

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