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We are an independent political organization based in Chicago's 33rd Ward, which includes the neighborhoods of Albany Park, Avondale, Irving Park, and Ravenswood Manor. We are building a political alternative that can represent the interests of working-class residents and advance social, economic and racial justice.

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Petitioning State Rep. Jaime Andrade

State Rep. Andrade: Tell Mike Madigan it's time to go

[español abajo] The defeat of Illinois' Fair Tax amendment, which would have brought in an additional $3 billion annually in desperately needed state revenue, should serve as a wake-up call to the state's Democratic Party. While many voters were deeply aware of the economic pain facing our state, their distrust in Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s political machine ran even deeper. Madigan and his closest allies are currently engulfed in a federal corruption investigation involving a decades-long bribery scheme with Commonwealth Edison. As a result, a growing number of elected officials have called on Michael Madigan to step down. As of last week, at least 16 Democratic state representatives have said publicly that they will not back Madigan for another term as Speaker, including northwest side representative Will Guzzardi.  We are now calling upon Jaime Andrade, Illinois State Representative of the 40th District, to join his colleagues and formally call for Madigan to step down as Speaker of the Illinois House and from the leadership of the Democratic Party of Illinois and when possible, to vote ‘no’ on any possible return of Michael Madigan to those positions. As a top recipient of campaign contributions from Madigan and his associated PAC, Representative Andrade's silence on this issue is concerning. We believe his voice on this issue is sorely needed. Without a clean break from the pay-to-play politics that have long dominated the Illinois legislature, efforts at progressive change will remain crippled.  The economic fall-out from Covid-19 is still looming at the state level; now is the moment to speak up and chart a new direction in Illinois—a direction where old-school Democratic Machine politics is a thing of the past and the people of Illinois are put front and center. Co-sponsors: 33rd Ward Working Families, United Neighbors of the 35th Ward, 32nd Ward United ----- La derrota de la enmienda de “Impuestos Justos de Illinois,” que habría generado $3 mil millones adicionales anuales en ingresos estatales que se necesitan desesperadamente, debería servir como una llamada de atención para el Partido Demócrata del estado. Si bien muchos votantes estaban profundamente conscientes del dolor económico que enfrenta nuestro estado, su desconfianza en la maquinaria política del presidente de la Cámara de Representantes de Illinois, Michael Madigan, era aún más profunda. Madigan y sus aliados más cercanos están actualmente envueltos en una investigación de corrupción federal que involucra un esquema de soborno de décadas con Commonwealth Edison. Como resultado, ha pedido a Michael Madigan que renuncie. Hasta la semana pasada, al menos 16 representantes estatales demócratas han dicho públicamente que no respaldarán a Madigan para otro mandato como presidente, incluido el representante del lado noroeste Will Guzzardi. Ahora hacemos un llamado a Jaime Andrade, Representante del Estado de Illinois del Distrito 40, para que se una a sus colegas y solicite formalmente que Madigan renuncie como Presidente de la Cámara de Representantes de Illinois y de la dirección del Partido Democrático de Illinois y, cuando sea posible, vote 'no' sobre cualquier posible regreso de Michael Madigan a esos puestos. Como uno de los principales destinatarios de las contribuciones de campaña de Madigan y su PAC asociado, el silencio del Representante Andrade sobre este tema es preocupante. Creemos que su voz sobre este tema es muy necesaria. Sin una ruptura clara con la política de pago por juego que ha dominado durante mucho tiempo la legislatura de Illinois, los esfuerzos por lograr un cambio progresivo seguirán paralizados. Las consecuencias económicas de Covid-19 todavía se avecinan a nivel estatal; ahora es el momento de hablar y trazar una nueva dirección en Illinois, una dirección en la que la política de la Máquina Demócrata de la vieja escuela es una cosa del pasado y la gente de Illinois está al frente y al centro.

33rd Ward Working Families
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Petitioning President-Elect Joe Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris


Dear President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris, When news networks called the election for you, cheers broke out in the streets of Chicago, a city that the current occupant of the White House has repeatedly demeaned, insulted and threatened. It was the biggest rush of collective relief this city has experienced since 2018, when we had just rid ourselves of another craven egomaniac with a legacy of destruction. That man was former mayor Rahm Emanuel, and yesterday we learned that you are considering him for a top position in your administration. As residents of Chicago—and as community organizers, local elected officials, union members and others who are all-too-familiar with his work—we are writing to un-recommend Rahm in the strongest terms possible. If you want to root out systemic racism, defend democracy, and build a society that leaves no one behind—all worthy goals mentioned in your victory speech—we can think of few people worse for the job than the man who earned the nickname “Mayor 1%.” In case you’re unaware, allow us to acquaint you with Rahm’s resume in some key policy areas.   Covered up the police murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014. Laquan McDonald’s killing—police shot him 16 times, including while he lay on the ground—was a catalyst of the Black Lives Matter movement and doomed Rahm’s political future in the city. Closed 50 elementary schools—the single largest school closure in U.S. history—over an outcry from parents, students and community members. Most of the schools served African-American children on the south and west sides of the city. Shuttered half of Chicago’s public mental health clinics, leaving patients in need of care literally sitting on the sidewalk outside of the locked doors and pleading for help. Lavished wealthy neighborhoods and pet projects with public dollars through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Rahm’s greatest TIF hits—this is an economic development tool that’s supposed to fight “blight,” mind you—include $55 million to buy DePaul University a new basketball stadium, millions funneled to Navy Pier through an elaborate shell game, and another $1.3 billion in subsidies for luxury mega-developments on his way out the door. Repeatedly broke the city’s promises to rebuild public housing, while blocking an ordinance improving transparency in the mis-managed Chicago Housing Authority. The deficit in affordable housing, combined with staggering and deeply regressive property-tax hikes, were factors in the exodus of tens of thousands of Black residents out of Chicago during his term.  Hyped a failed plan to build an express train from downtown Chicago to O’Hare airport that would bypass the transit used by actual Chicagoans. The boondoggle, hatched by Rahm campaign donor Elon Musk, was widely panned; one alderman called it a scheme “mostly for tourists and Musk’s reputation.”  Oversaw a police department that cost taxpayers more than $540 million for abuse and misconduct settlements during his time in office. Rejected public referenda calling for an elected school board, instead hand-picking school CEOs such as Barbara Byrd-Bennett, who was sent to federal prison after pleading guilty on a multi-million-dollar kickback scheme involving Chicago Public Schools money. Went on a privatization spree, to disastrous effect. Selling off everything from school janitorial services to trash collection, privatization left Chicago with indignities such as dirty classrooms and one of the nation’s most abysmal recycling rates. The list goes on. Given his track record, awarding Rahm Emanuel a cabinet position in the new administration would be a disaster for many of the communities that helped defeat Donald Trump. Not least, it’s a Sears-Tower-sized insult to our city of Chicago, where we are continuing to deal with the effects of his legacy on a daily basis. Take the word of the city that knows him best: We don’t want him here, but we don’t want him anywhere near the White House either.

33rd Ward Working Families
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