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1Sky Action Fund works to empower a dynamic activist movement to fight for federal policy on climate change. To raise the profile of climate issues, we must be able to mobilize aggressively, and in 2009 we anticipate the need for intense action around specific legislative targets and specific legislators.
As you know, The U.S. has not only been the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the U.S. has been the biggest obstacle to global policies designed to address climate change. The scientific consensus is that we have a very short timeline to implement the mitigation measures necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Therefore, the work of the 1Sky Action Fund is necessary to complement the work of our sister organization 1Sky Education Fund and help catalyze a broad, deep and vigorous grass-roots movement to push the federal government into a global-leadership position on emissions reduction, clean economy transition, and green jobs creation.
In 2009, our grassroots organizing work could take the form of both organizing for specific legislative vehicles that will implement bold federal policy on climate solutions, and fighting specific legislative vehicles that would set back the progress of this movement.
Individual politicians, members of key committees for example, will also require organizing efforts, as they are often the lynchpin of a successful legislative fight. We must be able to apply concentrated pressure on these targets in an unencumbered manner to move their positions.

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