126, Artist-run Gallery

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1. Maintain a central permanent exhibition space and resource center for all visual artists. 2. Provide a unique platform within Galway for the presentation of art works that are risk-taking, experimental, in-progress, and otherwise not normally represented by commercial galleries or established institutions. 3. Present diverse programming, ranging from established to emerging artists, from international to local practitioners and from conventional to new medias. 4. Initiate projects outside of the gallery using the office as a contact point for organisation and administration. 5. Encourage a growth in the visual arts in Galway and in critical discourse in Ireland. 6. Develop an information and support network through our membership. 7. Offer support for art college students and recent graduates by promoting unique exhibition opportunities and feedback on their work. 8. Distinguish itself from other Galway-based visual art bodies as an artist-run and democratic organisation, thus making decisions on an artistic not economic basis. 9. Emerge as national leaders at the forefront of contemporary art by ambitiously pursuing excellence in all areas of our programme. 10. Promote international exchanges of ideas and artists.

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