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The name 10,000 Hawks honors the numbers of raptors in the annual hawk migration that takes place over Tweed airspace & our East Haven, East Shore, and Fair Haven neighborhoods. 10,000 Hawks addresses quality of life issues, including air quality, noise pollution, traffic calming, walkability, habitat, long-term thinking, and planning for our neighborhood, children and grandchildren.

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    Petitioning Alder Tyisha Walker-Myers, New Haven Alders

    Pause the Vote on Tweed Expansion

    We need to stop the FLOODING of our homes and streets. We need to reduce, and not trigger ASTHMA with our children. We need to stop WETLANDS DESTRUCTION. We need to stop EMINENT DOMAIN activities, not make them easier. We need to keep economic development profits LOCAL. We call on the New Haven Board of Alders to PAUSE the vote on the 43-year lease agreement with AvPORTS (a Goldman Sachs subsidiary), because: there is no traffic calming plan (yet) there is no noise study or remediation (yet) there is no environmental assessment (yet) there is no coastal resilience plan (yet) the jobs deal is purported to be 2 years, while the lease is 43 years. The out-of-state lead contractor walks away with most of the money. We haven't seen any plan (yet) there is no recent economic pro forma (yet) there is no public health plan for increased asthma & cardiovascular issues (yet) there are no limits on freight & cargo (yet) there will be easements on how to enact eminent domain all residents of East Shore, Fair Haven and Fair Haven Heights will be affected by noise and air pollution, while the profits will fly away to Goldman Sachs international investors this is a classic case of privatized profits and socialized risks and losses. There is no community-reviewed or approved benefits plan. The entire harm mitigation budget for both New Haven and East Haven is $5 million. Based on questions raised by residents' questions during the master plan hearings, funds will be stretched too thin for empty promises like residential and street flooding remediation, traffic calming and extra police presence for traffic control, noise study, sound mitigation, and no mention of public health interventions. Do not rush this review. 43 years is a long time. There is no need for this "have to pass it, can't amend it, don't look too closely, ram it through" so-called deal approval process.

    10,000 Hawks
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    Petitioning Mayor Justin Elicker, Mayor Joseph Carfora, CT Representative Sean Scanlon

    We deserve to know the Truth about the Tweed/AVPORTS deal

    On May 6, 2021, New Haven (CT) Mayor Justin Elicker, East Haven (CT) Mayor Joseph Carfora, and State Rep. and Tweed Airport Authority Executive Director Sean Scanlon (Branford, Guilford) announced, "A Future for Tweed that Benefits Our Community." The deal was a surprise to many people. The public wasn’t even invited to the press event. Outsourcing the management of the airport to a national firm -- AVPORTS -- for the next 43 years took six months to negotiate with no public or neighborhood input.  But the public, and surrounding neighborhoods have a right to know the details of this profit-making deal on public lands. We have a right to know what's really going on: Are the 1,000 promised jobs long-term, local jobs with benefits for New Haven and East Haven residents? What are the details of promised noise reduction measures? Are Amazon and other freight carriers coming in? What are the promised traffic calming measures? What is Tweed's coastal resiliency plan to minimize flooding and preserve public lands going forward? Is there any local control that remains? Neighbors of Tweed were once promised “open communication every step of the way." Now, Mayor Elicker, Mayor Carfora and State Rep. Scanlon have struck a private financing deal. No one has seen the specifics of the deal that will affect the lives of everyone who lives in our neighborhood and along the flight path:   ·        Increased air pollution; ·        Increased noise pollution; ·        Increased traffic;  ·        Decreased quality of life; and ·        Decreased property values. We deserve to know what's happening -- for our home values, for the wild spaces surrounding us, and for our children and grandchildren's health. It’s time for Mayor’s Elicker, Mayor Carfora and State Rep. Sean Scanlon to meet with us, their constituents, to tell us to our faces what’s going on.  

    10,000 Hawks
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