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New video on the shocking inequality behind paid family leave

Organized by PL+US Paid Leave for the United States

May 17, 2017 — 

Today we’re releasing a report that uncovers the unequal parental policies from the nation’s largest employers -- and the numbers are shocking. Watch Jasmine’s video -- and share to help spread the word about the critical need to expand paid family leave. 

In the United States today, 94% of low-income working people have no access to paid family leave. We put together a video telling Jasmine’s story, a former Walmart employee who had to return to work one week after giving birth.

The paid leave disparity that U.S. companies have created hits low-income households the hardest. The staggering result of this inequality is that half of low-income working people who didn’t have fully paid family leave had to go on public assistance when they became parents.

Paid family leave shouldn’t be an elite benefit accessible only to some. Every baby deserves a chance at a healthy start and time to bond with a parent. An additional 10 weeks of paid leave could reduce infant mortality by as much as 10 percent.

The good news is that our movement is growing, and we’re joining with employees who are organizing and advocating for change.

Watch Jasmine’s video -- and share on Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word about the critical need to expand paid family leave.

Let’s win this!

Brianna and the entire PL+US Team

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