Movement Update

In 2017, users are standing up to oil pipelines

Jan 9, 2017 — 

In April of 2016, the Standing Rock Youth started a petition on that would spark a movement across the country. Their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing the Missouri River less than a mile away from their reservation grew from a few thousand signatures to over 400,000, and inspired thousands of Native American activists and their allies to travel to North Dakota and use their bodies to block the project’s construction.

Since then, users inspired by their work have taken action to stop pipelines across the country from threatening animal species, drinking water, and the planet.

Tim Canova finished his campaign for Florida Congress still energized to protect his beloved state from threats from the oil and gas industry. He started a petition to stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline, which activists say threatens endangered manatees and Florida’s largest water aquifer. On December 29th, he joined people across the state in five separate actions demanding that Florida legislators step up to block the project.  

When Nathaniel McCarthy in Ohio found out that the Bureau of Land Management would be holding an auction to lease acres of the pristine Wayne National Forest to oil companies, he started a petition to stop the auction. In just two months, his first petition ever had reached 100,000 supporters.

Arkansas residents found themselves fighting a similar project when plans began for the Plains All American Diamond Pipeline, which Kamryn Baker says is a threat to several state water systems, and is being built by a corporation with a history of damaging the environment through pipeline spills. Remembering the Exxon Mobil oil pipeline spill that turned residential neighborhoods into rivers of oil, she started a petition asking Governor Hutchinson to stop the project.

These are just a few of the anti-pipeline petitions started on every day. Follow the movement to stay updated and learn how you can help, or start a petition about a pipeline near you.

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