The New Way to See Your Full Ballot and Make Voting Decisions

Jun 2, 2016

Headed to the polls and haven’t quite figured which candidate you want to represent your interests on the city council, in the state assembly, or as comptroller, judge, and supervisor? We’ve all been there.

While we have more and more information thrown at us, mostly from political ads and campaign press machines, we know it’s hard to find information we can trust to make confident voting decisions — especially when it comes to local elections.

We see a better way.

Change Politics gives every voter the chance to see their full ballot and find better information, in the form of crowdsourced voting recommendations, from friends, organizations, reporters, and the public figures they trust.

Right now, voters in California and Colorado can access their full ballot, populated with federal, state and local races, and we’re excited to partner with Blavity in California, and 9News in Colorado, to help get the word out and highlight voter voices.

In a world where 96% of elected officials are elected at the local level, voting all the way down the ballot matters; in coming months, we’ll continue to make down ballot information available for the rest of the country.

By Election Day, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, the majority of voters across the United States will have access to their entire ballot, complete with voting recommendations from the people and organisation they trust most.

With Change Politics, we want to put voters back at the center of elections, and shift electoral influence from parties and paid ads to the information that comes from your trusted personal networks.

Your voice is your vote, so make it heard this election.