KEEN is Stepping Up to Protect the Places We Play

Jun 28, 2016

Ever seen a GMC Eleganza? At over 24 feet long and over 10 feet tall, this beast of a motorhome requires 6 wheels for support.

It’s also the unlikely symbol for Keen’s “Live Monumental” campaign, an initiative to push the U.S. Department of the Interior to designate 5 parks as America’s newest National Monuments.

KEEN,  a shoe manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon, is determined to designate Boulder-White Clouds, Gold Butte, Mojave Trails, Birthplace of Rivers, and Owyhee Canyonlands as National Monuments, a goal spread across more than 3 million acres. Step one for their goal was to start a Change.org petition to protect the places we play.

But for step two — gathering signatures –KEEN took an untraditional approach and hit the road in their tour bus. The KEEN Effect team drove all over the United States promoting their cause, talking to supporters, and racking up signatures.

Consumers are looking more than ever to invest in companies that promote a purpose they believe in, and KEEN is known for advocating for environmental causes.

We met up with KEEN while they were stopped in San Francisco last summer. Check out the video below to learn more about their work to protect the places we play.

This article was first published on the Theory of Change.