Here’s how Change.org users are holding their cities to the Paris Agreement

Jun 6, 2017

With President Trump’s announcement on Thursday that the United States will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, lawmakers, corporate leaders and citizens across the country expressed concern that this decision puts our planet in grave danger.

The Paris Agreement was a historic accord in which 196 countries committed to reduce greenhouse emissions, transition towards green energy sources, and work together to limit the rise in global temperatures. With the U.S. — one of the world’s biggest polluters — no longer an acting member of the agreement, some are worried that other countries will fail to uphold their commitments.

But Change.org users are reminding us that citizens, states, and everyday people can keep us on track to reduce greenhouse emissions, even if some in Washington may disagree. And since Mr. Trump’s announcement, thousands of people have turned to Change.org to demand that their cities and states fight for the planet.

Do you live in a state other than California, New York, or Washington? Don’t see your mayor or governor’s name on this list? Consider starting your own petition on Change.org to ask your elected officials to support the agreement in your city or state. Here are a few tips on how to start a successful petition to do just that:

  1. Tell your personal story. Your readers want to know why this issue matters to you in particular. How does climate change affect your life?
  2. Clearly state what you are asking for. Within the first few paragraphs of your petition, include a bolded line explaining what you are asking for. It can read something like “Sign my petition asking the mayor of Fresno to join the Climate Mayors in committing to the Paris Agreement goals.”
  3. Share some facts that support your argument. Why is it important for your specific city or state to continue working to reduce their emissions and transition to green energy?

Onward and upward towards a safe and prosperous future for all of us who live and thrive on this beautiful planet.