Helping the Philippines Recover

Nov 13, 2013

The world has watched as Haiyan, the strongest cyclone to make landfall on record, has taken approximately 2,500 lives, injured thousands, and displaced 660,000 people.

Amidst this news of devastation, we’ve been inspired by the global Change.org community of 50 million users and staff in 18 countries who have come together to respond and support those affected.

We are seeing an outpouring of petitions from all over the world, like this one from a user in the Philippines urging a prominent medical center to set up a mobile hospital, and this petition from KD in Canada asking that long distance fees be waived to enable families to find missing relatives.

Importantly, our users understand that as the Philippine people are currently entrenched in obtaining aid, accounting for the missing, and embarking on a recovery process, we in other parts of the world all share an overriding question: how do we help?

Here are a few of the many organizations providing desperately needed food, water, shelter and other basic supplies to the Philippines. We hope you can support them.